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How to get by for a bit

I can't really afford to go to a therapist right now but I'm in a place where I need help or things will go very badly.

What are good stop-gap measures to get by for a few months on my own, or cost-effective ways of seeking treatment for until I can afford a therapist?

I have anxiety, depression, panic attacks, self-harm behaviors, and ideation.

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YouTube can be a great resource for free help. Some videos are better than others. This one I like. This therapist has many more if you want to explore her channel. Take what u like, leave the rest.. good luck ✌️


I never thought of watching videos on YouTube about this. I will try that out, thank you.


You can get referred to a therapies by your GP and it wouldn't cost you anything - only trouble is think there is a waiting list. I found by putting medication music on and listening to it through headphones helped - also looking up on the internet ways to help you cope with anxiety, stress, panic attacks. You pick out the ones that suite you. Good luck my thoughts are with you


No insurance for a few months, so it's all out-of-pocket and not free. I will try the meditation music, thank you


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