Anxiety controlling my life

I'm 18 years old and im suffering from severe anxiety. I don't sleep and I'm not eating properly. I get my self so anxious that I vomit everyday. Every little thing bothers me and my irrational fears make me not want to leave my house. I'm so scared to live in my own body. College is very stressful and my relationship with my parents right now isn't good because they don't want to see me like this. Please help me

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  • Hi - I empathize with what you are going through. Are you going to a professional - many campuses offer free services hopefully your does too. A good therapist and psychiatrist helped me. Honestly I couldn't do it alone but slowly the different things you try build on each other and you can start feeling relief

    I withdrew freshman year because of anxiety and depression and went home for a year before going back. But I did go back. Point is even that scenario was not ideal but eventually you can get the relief to feel better.

    College is stressful so be kind to yourself because not everything is irrational- and look how many people have been impacted and what helped them.

    Be strong and patient and keep reaching out like this it helps

  • Hi Hannah bless you I really feel for you, it's such a horrible illness, try to eat little and often.I find this helps as eating a big meal make you feel to full and sick.if I can't sleep I read sometimes it helps me go back to sleep, try it I do hope it works for you, is there anyone you can talk to at college about how stressed you are, maybe a tutor or even a friend it does help to share a problem, if not this is a great site people are very friendly and helpful keep your chin up,even tho your having a bad time with your parents im sure they love and care for you in there own way, most parents want what's best for there children, but sometimes just don't understand you xx

  • I could talk to my college soccer coach

  • Good see your on the right path, thinking of someone you can talk to,it really helps Hannah, go for it you have nothing to lose only to gain xx

  • Do you see a therapist? If not, ask your parents for help. They aren't the villains and will be your biggest advocates. They just want their child to get better. Take it one step at a time and work with someone to help you allay these fears one at a time.

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