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Anxiety causes my depression

Hey all,

I'm 19 and I have anxiety. This anxiety makes me depressed. I get anxious thinking about how I am going to make money and do things with my life, and that leads to depression, as I have decreasing interest in my life and my future. I get frustrated easily with my life, and I can be a downer. I keep all this to myself though. I don't take it out on other people. Those around me would be shocked if they knew what was going through my head. I also know that I am very fortunate and have a lot of things going for me. Yet I think about the future and feel dread and anger.

Any advice?

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Then change your perception of your future. Dream of better things to come, even if right now, nothing seems to be going well. Even if you have to dream of a magical future, where all the roads are paved with gold and there are unicorns everywhere, do it, and believe that your dream is not impossible.

Anxiety uses your fears against you. Depression uses what you believe are your shortcomings, your guilt, failures, shame, insecurities, etc to keep you depressed. So if you are ready to break out of the grip. You need to work on overcoming your fear and accept that the future is yet to be written and you are the one who gets to write it when the time comes. For now, you can dream of a fairy merry future and believe in it.

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