Never Ending Drama

So, work has been very chaotic and a long with the chaos, there are many changes that I am dealing with. It all started when my co-teacher ended up going on vacation for a week, then she came back for a few days and went on bereavement leave for two more weeks due to her father passing away. During this time I have been in the childcare room. I was hoping to get to go back to the classroom where my co-teacher is, but no such luck. I have been working with someone who undermines everything that I do and say. She wants everything her way and she basically tells the children what to do and not do too. She constantly also does the same thing to me. I am pretty much on my own now and I don't feel respected by any of the other employees except for the teacher that I have been working with before I was placed in the child care room. I don't understand why people treat me as inferior and it's not fair. I'm getting my CDA, yet I am still treated like crap and I have no say in changes at all. In almost every job that I have had I have been treated with disrespect. I just want to make a difference in people's lives and nobody seems to care. I'm at my agency for the children only and nobody else. Why do others have to stir up drama by gossiping and making my job harder than it really is???! I was more than fine working where I was and my days went more smoothly. Now, I am in a new classroom with this person who clearly isn't a team player.

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  • Hi Kakee83!

    I'm so sorry you're going through all of this unnecessary drama. I totally understand what you're going through. I am a classroom teacher and have a co-teacher that constantly brings drama. Everything at the school is drama. Sometimes I feel like the school is a hot mess and everything is falling down around me. The kids are disrespectful (although there are still some that I absolutely love---the only reason to stay in the profession like you said), administration is not supportive, and many of my colleagues stir up drama that sends my already horrible anxiety and panic through the roof. I think my co-teachers negativity is what sent me into another panic attack last week that has left me more or less completely debilitated all week. I am also at a loss because if I speak up about this colleague, I am essentially throwing her under the bus. If not, she will continue to be a constant source of negativity in my life (which I am trying to get rid of for good). Just know that someone out there appreciates you for your contribution to children's lives and I hope you hang in there!

  • Have you considered taking your co-teacher aside and talking to her about the issues you noticed and how it affects your ability to do your job well? Is that not an acceptable thing teachers and co-teachers can do?

  • I addressed it with my supervisor when the teacher was in the room and she just told me a bunch of BS. She said that she is done with all of the personality clashes, to work it out and to get it together. She then said that she is not afraid to fire people. I was just telling her how I felt. What did I ever do???!!!

  • Oh, that particular response was to Sara. I was trying to get an idea of what a teacher can or cannot do in that case.

    In your case, I will just say you should try to adjust to the situation and look out for areas you can maybe take the opportunity to show you are good at, even on your own. She may be busy trying to control everything but there should be something she missed or could add to make the situation better. Try to find out what it is and get it working and you might get noticed by even others.

    But if all that does not work, look for another job. But if I were you, I will work towards showing that I can take initiative, and are adaptable even when working with a controlling personality like your co-teacher there.

    Also, make certain that you are taking your meds so you don't break down in front of her. I mean that kind of person will try to push you as far as they can. You don't want to have em seeing you fall apart. Instead, you want to be able to stand your ground and continue getting your work done regardless.

  • Thanks, saral1103 for the support. You hang in there also. We both know that we are excellent teachers. Too bad nobody else seems to care. *Hugs*

  • Thanks for the advice, Kobojunkie. Unfortunately, I didn't see your comment in time. :-( I ended up breaking down and was sent home. :-( This has not been the first time that I broke down, either at a work place. :-( I was told to not come in to work on Monday, but rather to wait for a call. I'm in big trouble now and have to really look for another job. :-( My husband is upset and I really don't know what to do. Can I be fired for having multiple mental breakdowns at work? If so, can I collect unemployment?

    I have had plenty of issues holding a job in the past. The issue with me is that I take things way too personal to the point that I break down in unacceptable ways. These negative things that other employees do and say build up inside me to the point that I can't take it anymore and I eventually explode by crying uncontrollably at the work place and I am unable to address my feelings with the other employees who I feel harmed by properly.

  • Hi,

    I posted this under the wrong person a second ago...hopefully you will see this one!

    I can completely relate to the issues you are having. I went through many, many jobs due to anxiety. I was always able to leave my workplace before falling apart emotionally, so my employers never really knew what was going on.

    My question for you is: do you feel like you have found your ideal profession? The only thing that worked for me was finding a job/profession that I was really good at, enjoyed more than anything else I ever did, and never questioned my abilities when I was at it. When this happened, even if someone said something to me about performance, I didn't crumble because I knew I was in the right place. Don't get me wrong...I still have mini panic attacks when my supervisor or someone else questions something I did at work (even if it isn't negative!), but they are much less severe and invasive.

    I battled this crippling anxiety for the better part of 35 years before finally doing better, so it can happen. Hang in there.

    By the way, I am a teacher as well. PE, not classroom, but at one point I thought I was going to be classroom until I completely crumbled while student teaching. I learned the hard way that classroom just wasn't for me.


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