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Anxiety, depression, cannot find any happiness in my life, j still feel lost and have no satisfaction in who I am. I dwell constantly on my

Past mistakes and forget all the happiness and good I have around me. I self medicate just to get thru life. I want to ml know what my purpose is,,, always lost and reclusive because I felt people only se my mistakes all over me.

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We will never know what are purpose in life is. Ima religious person so what I have started doing is researching verses in the bible that pertain to how I feel. Hopefully you can do the same and find that God is great and will only put you through what you are able to handle.


You self medicate and are still miserable? Then what is the point?

You don't want to have doctors give you medication that works instead?


The father of my kids left me pregnant with my first child came back when he was 8 months i was in a deep depressionbut thankfully i pushed thru and overcame it. I got pregnant a second time and he was very abusive and controlling so i left him. Depression and anxiety just hit me last week i made the mistake of trusting him again and got pregnant a seco d time i feel as my mistake is my burdu not my daughter but the fact i left my moms house unexpectedly makes me untrustworthy in her eyes or atleast that how i feel, but i knowi overcame this once i can do it again. I will pray for you just as much as i pray for myself.


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