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My girlfriend has anxiety and depression. Trying to educate myself

Hi. Newbie here. My girlfriend and I ate mid-40s and have been together over 5 years. She has anxiety and depression and I've done my best to understand what she's going through. Still I get frustrated sometimes. I'm looking for a way to help lessen these times, learn more and, possibly, find methods of coping from others. Thank you.

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Hi Matty,

Welcome to the forum. I am not sure which country you live in but with the internet you find information in lots of places. Being in Australia, I can recommend an organization that leads the country in mental health initiatives for both sufferers and carers - Beyondblue. You will find information about the illnesses and tips for coping. If you are very interested , you might even look in the section for health professionals so that you understand where the helpers are coming from.


Besides the information sheets, can I suggest you contact a carers association that specialises in supporting carers and can help you find support, information and other carers to meet with or chat online.

If you are not sure if you are doing the right thing, ask your girlfriend.

" In any moment the best thing you can do is the right thing. The next best thing is the wrong thing. The worst thing is to do nothing. " Anonymous

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Massachusetts USA

I found a site NAMI that has a local family support group that meets twice per month.

Thank you for considering Anne's feelings. I did talk to her about all of this. She's knows that her anxiety and depression hurts not just her and is very sweet and supportive of me, too. But it can be hard.

Thanks for your response.


What if her "to go" place is Facebook? Not me. She says it's because she can share basic stuff without having to talk... as a romantic, I want to be who she thinks of first to share things with.. I am a lot, but some I'm not or not shared with at all.. and we're not Facebook friends, long story. I'm fighting for a reason to stay as much as I am to understand. ... we'll get to my needs later... tired of not being her first thought as Facebook is hers... is this normal for anxiety and depression or am I being fooled?


Face to face conversations and interactions can be daunting, stressful, scary, etc. If she's better at writing/typing, maybe ask her to "talk" to you that way; letters, email, poems, stories, whatever is most comfortable.


This forum is a much better place for her to share. She can feel connected to others with similar issues. She can find some hope and get or give advice. I try avoid Facebook and social media. It becomes a game that gets you to compare your insides with others outsides. Not good for self esteem. Not a safe place to honestly cry for help. That can backfire on FB. It's filled w judgement. This forum is a safe place for that. Good luck


Hi! My bf suffers from severe anxiety and Im trying everything I can to support him. Would love to chat!


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