Feeling depressed right now in the am hours

I am just wondering, have any of you gotten so upset. So out of it, to the point where you're literally sick to your stomach. To a point where you have that throw up feeling, or so angry to the point to where ( the best way I can describe is, your body feels so uncomfortable) you want to rip off your limbs)...I know it sounds strange..

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  • Yes. I had an episode today. I got so angry and upset I did think I was going to either punch the wall, scream my lungs out or cry and throw up. I don't even know what triggered it. One thing that got me out of it was hearing my step daughter having a crying fit herself in the bathroom. I'm having such a hard time with that because I feel it's all my fault that she feels this way about herself. That she's not good enough. I hate that. I never wanted to pass this horrible feeling on to anyone. So yes, I know how you feel.

  • I really hope that you and your stepdaughter get through what ever funk, you guy's are in. IMy sure it isn't completely your fault, if not at all for how she may be feeling. Please don't blame yourself, we can be so hard on ourselves sometimes. Stay strong kitty50. 💪

  • Thanks Buhbs. I hope you can get through what's making you so upset too. I'm sure there's something in your life you can find that's positive and focuse on that and not the anger.

  • My anxiety pain is the worst between 4 and 7 am. When I am in a bad state it is extremely painful in my throat, chest and stomach. So I have learned to get up, take a shower and start the day. I get to work on the stresser that is always work related. Or at least have a light breakfast and get moving.

  • Maybe I should start taking a look at the times, that I feel the most anxious/depressed. Maybe ill figure something out for that..like to preparebefore it happens. I try to get moving in the morning, myself. It helps for a little while I guess.

  • Not quite rip off my arms, but so upset about something devastating to me, that I had left sided chest pain with numbness & tingling all the way down my left arm. (Dad died of massive heart attack suddenly 3 yrs ago) Went to the ER bc I thought I was having a stress-induced heart attack given the symptoms. I was physically sick & vomited. EKG & cardiac enzymes all normal. (a good thing) This though meant it was a panic attack that actually made me physically nauseous & I vomited. Never had that before in my life. The nursing staff treated me like I was a second-class citizen bc I was hyperventilating, & bc of what was erroneously on my chart. I ultimately found out it was my therapist who put on my record "Bipolar 2", yet when I asked her how that diagnosis got there & who put it there, she said she didn't know & that the hospital did. I asked her to tell me what my diagnosis was. She said I had MDD, GAD, a little OCD, & PTSD. No Bipolar 2. Because she did that out of convenience for her in ordering me what she called an "atypical" med that I am no longer even on, I now have Bipolar 2 on my health history for the rest of my life. The stigma against people with mental health issues is still very much alive & well, unfortunately. When MDs & nurses saw that on my record, they automatically treated me differently, I was not considered credible, not respected, made to feel lesser than "normal" people, & not believable. Of all the professions, one would think that those in healthcare would know better & not do that to people, but most of them are no different even after being "educated". Why is this?

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