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Am so unhappy right now

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Am really piss off, I see everybody living life. And I been in the house for 3weeks. So depressed and I met a great guy that I can't even enjoy right now. Because of my mental illness and physical health problems. My mother taking care of me and I suppose to taking care of her because she sick. I was just enjoying life 3weeks ago. And right now I kinda wish I could go ran and hide some where. I feel so alone.

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I'm sorry, I know that feeling of watching others enjoy life around you :(

Do you think you'll be able to find a reason to get out of the house soon?


I was agoraphobic for ten years. I don’t think people can relate to the feeling of stagnation unless they have gone through it. Eventually if they are blessed to live into old age they will experience it. I find I relate to the elderly easier. They understand the isolation and loneliness.

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U right I just hope I overcome it

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I am not someone to say it is easy or will happen overnight. It is hard work, but always remind yourself you are worth the work. I believe you will. You are motivated. 🤗

I completely understand this. I was just at a high point in my life. Just completing some training in a field I dreamed of getting into since I was a kid. I suddenly got hit with depression out of no where and it’s been a downward spiral for the last 6 weeks. I called my mom and talked to her last night. I kept telling her how I was so frustrated with the timing and that I hate feeling like this and I hate the thought of having to deal with this for the rest of my life. She just kept reminding me that I have to be patient and gentle with myself because it is an illness too and it takes time to recover from. For me, as hard as it is to get up everyday feeling depressed everyday, I try to find peace with the idea of not being able to do what I would like to do right now. I tell myself that if i focus on treatment and recovery and doing what I am supposed to do by my doctors, it’s going to get better in time and I can go back to doing the things I want. And just to take it one day at a time, one step at a time.

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Good reply.

I really hope you all start to feel better soon

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Thank you

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The idea of getting better in time is something that keeps me going. Lets all hope that day arrives.

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Thank you

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U right I hope we both feel better soon

God bless u, i am praying for us all that we can have a better days ahead!!!!

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Thank you

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Thank you

tamka38, know that you are accepted and loved here. Do yourself a favor and take a moment to take a deep breath and consider if, perhaps, you are looking for happiness outside of yourself ( your words reflect this). You see others enjoying life and you can too as you take small steps toward appreciating the small things in each day. Be easy with yourself. I have a personal rule ( you can borrow) to take "should" out of my vocabulary. Why? Because it creates pressure, stress, and guilt. If you do not like the effect of pressure, stress, and guilt in your life consider substituting another word. Who is it that has made this "rule" you have to take care of your mother? Think about that. Is it that you might base your self worth on taking care of her? In other words, you think less of yourself when you do not take care of her. If this is your thought process, it is untrue. You are worthy, obvious because you are alive. Your feelings are deep and require small consistent steps to work through the thick cloud of depression. When you find yourself frustrated in moments of others' happiness while you are alone in your home, turn away and begin to think on simple things of gratitude. Listing three to five things for which you are grateful each day will help in your healing process. While doing this, remember the most important thing in your life is to just continue breathing every day. Whatever crisis you are going through at any moment will pass, just keep breathing.

Thank you

You don't mention counciling? You should seek that out? Your poor mom whose sick taking care of You is going get Worse, maybe ending up in the hospital? Then what are you going to do? You need to stop burdening your mom with something that Only You can fix. She's a mom who would give her life for You and she might? Get help so You can take care of your mom which is the way it should be.

I think your response is inappropriate, bordering on cruel. There is no rule book which says children are “supposed” to take care of their parents. I did take care of mine, but I was in a position to do that and CHOSE TO. if I had to today, I couldn’t. I think you may be projecting your own situation on to tamka38. Just sayin’

Sorry,it wasn't my intent, but you writing you Left your self open for opinions, did you want us to tell you what you wanted to hear and ignore what's going on with your mom? Parents are always making sacrifices for our kids, you seem to be ignoring that part. I care what happens to her too. No your Not obligated to care for your mom, but isn't that what she doing for you Now? So you don't owe her any assistance? Read your message over and you'll see how it sounds. Get help

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I didn't need your reply thank u am just speaking on how I feel Thanks

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You shouldn't write here, you can't pick n choose who writes you, you only want us to write what you want, it doesn't work that way. Take care

Thank you

Ignore them. You most defiantly should be writing on. And I hope to see more posts from you. We would all like to know how you are doing. And my advice is to find little things you enjoy doing and savor every second of it. All those little things can amount to something special. Like a life worth living.

Same with me but for another reason

I am unhappy too

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