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Am in a dark hole right now

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What’s the worst depression or anxiety u went through when u stop drinking alcohol? Because right now I feel so bad am in a black hole and I can’t get out I want to hide in my house forever and never see anybody again can u please express your experience with and please help me because I need help

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I literally know exactly what you mean about being in that dark place, don't shut down from people even if you don't want to be around anyone or don't want to talk just know it doesn't last, those days will pass

Am trying not too and thank you

How bad did it get for u because I have no energy I cry a lot I just feel so bad and I stop drinking 1 month and 5 days I use to drink to numb my feelings and anxiety and depression I feel awful

Mine gets so bad it make me feel like there's no way out and bad thoughts start invading my head and i shut down i don't talk when im like that which makes it worse since im left alone with thoughts

I been having bad thoughts too it feels like am shutting down and nobody understands I keep thinking the worst is wrong with me do u take medication? I stop drinking am eating better I don’t know what am doing wrong

I have been there and know the feeling. It does pass, but you have to make it happen.

I was at the stage where I won't get out of bed and just didn't want to see anyone, eat or do anything but sleep.

It took lots of will power and help from my doctor and friends to get me out of the house.

Set a task list of simple tasks you want to complete each day. The trick is to do what you can and praise yourself for getting those tasks done. Some days I would have problems leaving the house to get food and it would take me up to an hour to leave by the time I had check all the rooms doors and windows. Then once I got to the supermarket I was so stressed I would only get a couple of things and leave.

You can get through this, find what help is in your local area and dont be afraid to ask for help.

I have done computer based CBT programs, Stress Control programs, got refered to a psychiatrist, seen a psychologist and did some of my own research as well.

What helped for me was taking the medication my doctor prescribed even although I did not want to be take anti-depressants and even sleeping tablets at one stage. But it helped me get calm and rested so that I could then look for none medication ways to help me detail with the anxiety and depression. I also found that changing my diet to reduce the amount of refined sugar and processed food that I was eating and also getting more sleep helped as well.

Also if you are struggling please call the local support lines that are in your area. They are there for you to talk to if you are having a bad day and the mistake I made was thinking that they were not there for people like myself and we are exactly who they are there to support.

Take care and remember not to be too hard on yourself if you are having a bad day. We all have bad days.

20Voices xx

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tamka38 in reply to 20Voices

Thank you so much

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Agora1 in reply to 20Voices

I agree with everything you said 20Voices x

Once i felt soooo dark that my bedroom walls seem to be closing in on me. So many negative thoughts attacking me all at once. I felt like I was trying to swim up to get a grasp of air but something evil was holding me down. That night I stared at my ceiling crying my eyes out. :/

I applaud you for trying to stop drinking alcohol. I know it’s hard not to numb your feeling with a substance but the truth is alcohol is not the solution, just another added problem. The numbing last for a while and you’re back again to how you felt so I do not recommend that.

Peace and love to you.

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tamka38 in reply to RaqXo

Thank you

Hi tamka

Thanks to god you have no any social phobia. Otherwise this will not allow to go outside forever

Am afraid to go outside I have agoraphobia and it took a long time to face my fears I was just struck in my house for 3 weeks and just seen my psychiatrist to get on new medication I been struggling since 8 year old because me I know a lot about fear phobia clinical depression PTSD anxiety panic disorder derealization depersonalization agoraphobia health anxiety

Anxiety is common but can't able to talk due to over think and judge by other is can't control by me

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