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Help what should I do


I came to church to a bible study group and to talk to my pastor. However they ended up changing venue and I didn't know about it til too late I am now in my car and my mouth is super dry I feel dizzy and I just want to sleep. I don't want to call 911 I don't think it's a big deal but I don't know what to do

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Try to take a few breaths. Focus on your breathing. Sometimes when I feel I need to call 911 I breath and focus on each breath and remind myself that this is the very thing that keeps me alive. Nothing else matters in this very moment. Helps me to calm down enough to assess the real situation

This sounds simplistic but give yourself a break. Breathe. Not being at the right place may seem very important right now but it is really nothing. Will you even remember it in a week? Anxiety goes up when we feel something is our fault but we really had no control of it.

Hi Naty,

Just hang in there, the mini crisis will pass. My doctor says that your body can only deal with the stress for about 20 - 30 minutes before it resets itself. Have a drink if you have one handy.

Make plans to book a time with your pastor for a one on one discussion.

You might also like to let the organizer know you would like to be contacted by SMS or email if the meeting changes again.


Helloooo. Did you get home ok? Did you get rid of the pills that tempted you several days ago? If you are tired, ok, rest. Or take your time and write us about how you chose to attend the Bible session. Is there another event or session at your church tomorrow for Memorial Day? Hope there is one like a picnic where you can be around other people.

I have been thinking about you today. :)

I took my service dog to church this morning, so he walked with me 1/4 mile and slept on his white towel on the floor of the last pew until it was time to walk home. He is better a little each day, but I am being like a Mom with a young child who has been so sick and now feels so much better he wants to do too much too soon. :)

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Yes he is going to do a BBQ for church tomorrow so I'm going to try and go I did make it hom but it took me a while I almost called 911 I wasn't in the right position to drive. I relapsed today and took some pills but I'm starting to believe this isn't depression anymore and it's something more serious so my pastor wants me to go to a rehab center which I should do but no visitors and I can only accept phone calls but no one knows I'm even thinking of going I don't want to be alone I don't know what gonna happen.

I was thinking of you too glad your dog is ok they are the best companions

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Ok, thanks about thinking about Scooter.

Great that the pastor is reaching out to you! What pills are you taking?

Let the pastor know, and please let him know how you get them and where throughout your apartment you stash them....someone other than you needs to be in charge of the pills at the moment, so you don't repeat the overdose again, ok?

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He is amazing

They already cleaned out my house I got admitted just now to rehab it's going to be hard bc the pills helped a lot with my depression and pain

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