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I find it hard to have conversations with people face to face, especially if I bump into them on the street. The other day I saw an acquaintance from distance and immediately changed the route to my house, which almost made me late for work. However, I find talking to people online a lot less anxiogenic. Would anyone be interested in having conversations on Skype? It is a more relaxed environment and it might help us reduce anxiety in the long run.

Looking forward to talking to you

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Hi nice to meet you. This is basically an online support site, obviously if you make friends on here you might want to Skype each other, but remember not everyone is how they appear online so protect your privacy at all times.

The only way to overcome your fears is to face them down. You might need meds and/or counselling to start with to help you but you achieve nothing by avoiding or running away from them.

Remember you haven't got to talk to anyone in the street or have a conversation if you don't want to. If you don't want to just say hi nice to see you but can't stop I'm in a hurry, or something like that. If you want a quick conversation just ask them how they are. Most people love that question! Take care.


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