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Been dealing with depression since my teens. I was pretty good at covering it up until my early 30's then it just hit me like a truck. The blues became full blown suicidal depression and panic attacks. After 2 stays in the pych ward and an almost successful suicide attempt my psych doc has turned me into a chemical toilet and none of it works. Side note : is it a good idea to give more pills to someone that od'd ? What also doesn't help is not being able to talk to doc or the therapist openly about what's going on in my head without being sent straight to the ER for observation. It feels like not matter what do it's goiig to be wrong. If I'm honest it's off to the psych ward and if I not then I won't be getting the right treatment. So what do I do then? After four years in treatment I still don't know.

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  • Hi Steve and welcome.

    I'm sorry, what a frustrating situation for you to be in.

    I wish I had an answer for you to help you.

    The only thing I can think of is being honest with them and telling them how you feel, i.e. Asking how you can keep yourself out of psych ward. What you can do to enable you to stop the cycle.

    I hope it helps to come along here and write it down, and maybe others here will have some guidance or experience to relate with you, I do hope so.

    I wish you well 🌺

  • I was honest with them once and found myself in the psych ward. Taught me lesson: just nod and say uh-huh like they do to me lol. But I did get to meet Jesus in there once.

  • I do hope things improve for you.

    And you can manage to get some stability in your life.

    Things can improve for sure

    Thinking of you.🌺

  • You met Jesus? How come?

  • It is time for you to get involved in your own care. Stop giving up responsibility for your own life(brain) to doctors and therapists who don't seem to understand that it is pertinent they listen to you and make decisions based on what you relay to them about your suffering.

    Go out there and look for psychiatrists/neuropsychiatrists that have your mental health goals in mind and are willing to work with you to reach those goals. Stop letting quarks continue to play around with your mind. Go get yourself real doctors that know what they are doing and understand that you are a human being much like their own selves.

  • i would also advice that you start on self-therapy. Yes, you can also be your own therapists. In fact as an adult, you ought to be willing to examine yourself regularly, be brave enough to work with self in overcoming your fears, doubts and negative /unhealthy thoughts.

    your mind belongs to you and you ought to be in control. That control comes when you take charge of what goes in and what comes out of it. That ultimately determines your quality of life. Don't wait for a therapist to tell you what to do all the time. It is your mind and you know what is right and what is wrong, so get to working on your self even between visits to the outside therapists.

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