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Im having a depression since we lost our mother and my father got imprisoned. Im only 2nd year highschool when it all started. For that reason i became helpless and for that note i am the eldest i dont know what to do with my responsibilities to my young siblings. Until now that i became a college student, a 21 years old still experiencing a nightmare, i cried when im thinking about the past events and what will happen in the future. Im being emotional for the things that had been part of my life and for missing my parents badly. For my young age, i experienced it all like its just a blink of an eye. I once thought about suicidal attempt but then im scared for what I left. I dont know. I feel so helpless

Life is indeed a challenge..

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I'm so sorry , that sounds so tough for,you. I'm sorry for the loss f your mother, and your father not being around. I can't imagine how awful it feels.

I'm not sure where you are, reach out for any help you can get, I know there's not a lot around but I hope you find something to help. You deserve it.

My good wishes are being sent to you 🌺🌺🌺


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