I'm Lost

I doing understand . Some days I feel like I want to die , others I feel like I'm just walking through life until I can finally get into bed and be away from everyone else . I feel emotionally numb . Like I'm not really living , just surviving my depression . My life feels like it has no meaning . One minute I'm suicidal , the next I know I shouldn't kill myself bc I know of people that love me and would hate to see me go . I don't know what I'm doing anymore . I've been taking my Prozac for a couple months , but now it seems to be wearing off . Like I'm my old self again . Where is happiness ? Not with me .

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  • Hi sorry to hear this. What you need to do is go back to your doctors and tell them. You might need your current med upping or a different one entirely. I had to try 2 others before I finally settled on the best one for me.

    Are you having any counselling? I think this could help you.

  • Yes , I've been seeing a therapist for an 2 months .

  • Don't forget it took quite a long time to get to this pass so it will take a while to start feeling a bit better. You have to give it longer than 2 months to really notice a difference.

  • sorry to hear this, kinda sounds like me right now. Is anything helping?

  • I felt better for a while until this week came around . I feel like I want to die all the time now

  • has anything changed? I know things changed here and I have to realize I need to take care of me and not try to dwell on other peoples problems. I can't seem to do so.

  • I can't either . It's the hardest thing to accomplish .

  • I understand a lot of this. I agree see the doctor. See how this goes. Pm me anytime. I can relate.

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