Does anyone feel as if you get dumber when you're depressed? I feel like a complete idiot that can't hold a basic conversation with anyone (friends or family) when I'm normally the talkative upbeat one. On top of the lack of concentration, every time I try and think, my mind draws blanks. This problem has made me incredibly self-conscious and prevented me from wanting to socialize and do anything for that matter. I'm now wondering if this awkward, thoughtless, shell of a person is really who I've been all along.

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  • Oh yes definitely! I have great difficulty concentrating, making decisions and working things out which require even a bit of brain effort. I sometimes forget what I am saying as well and my memory is dreadful. That's depression (and old age) for you.

    If you haven't already sought help then I would see your doctor.

  • Same here. I understand.

  • See, like I had so much to say to you but that's all I could say. It's real.

  • Yes, been happening to me a lot. In fact my head would literally start hurting when I tried to think logically. Lots better now, but still a struggle.

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