Lonely and depressed

Lonely and depressed

I recently lost both my parents. My live in partner of 14 years moved out of my house and life at the same time and my remaining family members (beside my younger son) seldom speak to me. I have health issues and am stuck in the house quite a bit, so I don't see a whole lot of people. I am extremely lonely and I don't know how much longer I can take it. There are no social clubs or anytimg like that out here. I don't know what to do!

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  • That's a lot to deal with for anyone! Maybe a church or volunteering in your neighborhood might help. I have faced similar problems and it seems the more depressed you are the less time friends and family spend with you so finding an activity, pet or purpose is crucial to help yourself. You are not alone!

  • You've lost 3 important people from your life and that's difficult!! I'm sorry to hear that. Can you volunteer at a local hospital, library or school? Doing something that makes you feel good?? Holding & rocking premie babies, talking and hugging older folks, writing letters for older folks, reading to grade schoolers, you-name-it??

  • I am so sorry for your situation and I completely understand. I live alone in an isolated rural area and can rarely leave my home. I have no husband or children or parents. Other family members don't have much to do with me and I go days without seeing another person. Three of my six dogs have passed away recently and the rest of us are grieving terribly. The tears won't stop. I wish we could exchange numbers or something because it seems we have a lot of the same problems. I don't have any answers but I certainly understand..

  • Hi I agre with Beca700

    Every Blessing and Love xxxx :)

  • Wow you sure have been through a lot and I'm sorry for your loss. It's completely normal to feel that way when shitty things happen all at once. Maybe you should join a club or maybe volunteering at a nearby place. I have been experiencing the same thing as you, and it kinda worked. When you're in a state like this, I think it's better for you to be surrounded with people, try to go out more, socialize, or maybe try to focus on the things you love doing. By doing that, it will take your mind off things. Just remember, you're not the only one that feel this way.

    Good luck and trust me, it will get better soon.

  • I have been told to volunteer but haven't even been able to do that. Isolation is torture. Your losses are incalculable and unbearable. Do you have a therapist? I go to mine twice a week just to have someone to talk to. I know it's not a "friendship" but it helps to talk to somebody. I also take several meds prescribed by my psychiatrist so you may want to consider that. I have been inpatient at psych hospitals and they don't seem to help too much, but do offer structure and medication, and safety. I will be thinking of you. I realize I am suggesting desperate measures, but your situation IS desperate. Don't be afraid to go inpatient if you need to. At the very least, it will get you on some meds and you are surrounded by people in the same boat.

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