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Hello, I'm 24 and I've recently had 3 family members pass away. My grandpa who recently passed, I had been living with them for 5 months. When he passed my anxiety got worse. Now any pain I feel in my body I automatically think something is wrong and I'm going to die. These feelings then make me feel more anxious and I feel so out of control like my world is falling apart. I feel like this even around my family and at work. I've been trying meditation but it hasn't been helping.

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Hi and welcome 😊

I'm so sorry to hear of your losses, that must be so hard for you. We all cope differently with bereavement.

I'm glad you came here 😊 I only joined this community today and the whole site yesterday.

I do meditation and it does help me to sleep. Maybe you need some other support too. Have you had a chat with your dr. He or she may have some suggestions for you. Perhaps some counselling would also help. Losing one person is devastating, losing 3 must feel so so bad.

Best wishes to you.


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I'm very sorry for your loss of your grandfather and your other relatives. I'm sure you miss them.

You would probably do well with some appointments with a counselor to help you with how you think about your losses and how to process them and integrate them into your daily life and still go about your normal workday without any intrusive thoughts. You can ask your doctor for a recommendation for a counselor.

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Hi am new here as well I found this site/group about a month ago but had not been back on since then until tonight after checking my emails. Honestly the first time I found this site I was really excited to finally meet other people that are or have struggle with panic attacks and anxiety. I am 44 years old and have had them since I was 17. I have had agoraphobia and still have my "safe areas" that I travel to outside my home, I work and do leave my home. Anxiety never went away but it seemed to be under control until last year my Dad passed away and a couple other family members passed away shortly after. The panic attacks came back full force and worse than before it seems like. I am trying to manage these with ought meds but it hasn't been easy and I am considering going to see a psych for meds. I suffer with these every day. Glad I found you all, would love to hear from people that have had success with managing these either with our with ought meds. Sometimes I feel I am loosing hope. .


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