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Hi I'm Traci.

I have been struggling with Anxiety and depression for a long time and I would like to come here and talk to other people about what I've been experiencing. I just recently had an anxiety attack in Easter and I thought it was over with but then I got a text from my manager asking me what happened and it brought all the feelings up again. I am also in counseling for this and other things.I'm trying to feel better about myself. I'm not suicidal or anything like that.

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Hey Traci! Glad to see you. You know, it's a big step forward to start seeking help, both from a counselor and from the community! Give yourself credit for that! I haven't had many anxiety attacks and I don't fully know what that's like, but this is a great place to be yourself, find a good ear to listen, and get some advice from those who've been there. Hope to see you around!

I'm very glad you're not suicidal and you're in counseling. Very wise. So good to hear!

Are you planning on seeing a doctor? Are you on any medication? Are you accepted in your community?

I'm taking medication for my PMDD. Sometimes I feel accepted in my community. I'm not planning on seeing a doctor but I will if it gets worse.

Aren't you seeing a doctor if you're taking medication? I find this confusing. Who gave you the diagnosis of PMDD? And forgive my ignorance, but what does the "P" stand for?

I'm very glad you're in counseling and that you're trying to feel better about yourself. These are good and necessary things to enable you to enjoy life! ...which I'm sure was part of your purpose in going in the 1st place! I'm glad to be able to support you so let me know when you need some positive reinforcement and I'll be there for you.

I believe everyone of us has gifts that we just need to find and develop. We also have value and worth even if we can't see it all right this minute. You are here for a purpose and you'll feel so good when you discover all or part of that purpose, which can be 1 or more things. How good it is when you can fulfill that purpose for which you were created! OHhhh yeah!

Yes I'm seeing a doctor sorry for not making that clear. My doctor diagnosed me with PMDD. The P stands for Premensural dysphoric (mood) disorder

Thank you. And that explains why you're putting your time into the counseling. Great! ;o)

Hi TraciMarquette40. Is the job or family a trigger? For me, both were and can be. I quit my vocation for the past 20 years to change careers and work part time. Holidays can be stressful too and I tend to "grin and bear it." Family can be really tough to deal with sometimes.

It's usuall around the holidays like Easter and Christmas when I end up getting one. If during that time, a coworker says or does something that I don't like I go off and that's when I have them. It seems to be a couple weeks leading up to my period too. There is a certain coworker that I don't talk to or anything because he always makes me mad. He's a checker and I'm a bagger. He hasn't said anything to me at all since the Saturday before Easter and that's fine with me. My family is great.

Holidays coupled with work can be big triggers. Goal is to learn how to minimize the triggers and deal with difficult people. Does your employer have an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)? If so, they provide free services to employees.

Yeah I have heard of EAP and I'm pretty sure we have it. Will have to check into that.

What did you change your vocation from and to? I understand about family and job as well as rumination and GUILT! Anyway, thank you for your post!

From Career Counseling to Traffic Enforcement

Traci you sound like you are making a great effort to ease your anxiety! I too have PMDD and anxiety! So I totally empathize with your situation there. If you ever need support or have questions or just want to share an experience, I'm all ears.


Thank you. I might take you up on that.

Has anyone taken Sam E and does it work for anxiety? I'm just wondering if it will work with celexa.

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