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I'm 36 and I'm waiting to exhale kind of. I was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago, so after chemotherapy, a double mastectomy and failed immediate reconstructruction due to infection, and radiation, you can i.agime the state of depression I'm in right now. I've always suffered with depression and anxiety. Even as a kid I would sleep for days or get hives when I was anxious. I'm not sure what I hope to accomplish with this but I've never tried an online group before...so..here goes.

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  • Hey hi.

    I'm new here too! Joined this community this morn.

    I'm so sorry to hear of your awful struggles with your health.

    I'm glad you came here. It's great to have a place to go and be able to write things down anonymously, all the things you can't say on some days. I'm sure it helps to write it down. It makes me feel less alone. I hope it does you too.

    All good wishes to you 🌺🌺🌺

  • Hi........My heart goes out to u & NO wonder u are depressed. Wake up each morning with new hope & vigor , treat yourself daily ( small treats or big ones no matter ) Find something to laugh about each day ( something on TV ) I have had no end of health problems this year ( a crumbling spine & I'm in pain 24/7 ) I still think I'm v. lucky compared to all those Syrians/ Ethopians starving etc . I guess I am the glass half full kinda person.............. U are still with us, things will get better ......Chins up .

  • Sorry to hear this. Good advice. I couldn't help but smile at some of this but in a good way. You have a good way with words and understanding.

  • Whatever I've said is true .....Sometimes we ALL think /feel what about me a bit too much !! Not u , u have every reason to be . I also speak my mind , calling a spade a spade kinda girl & I also wind people up the wrong way There's always going to be someone better off than u & worse off.........This is the way the cookie crumbles. I am a retired nurse & I did my time nursing many people with cancer at different levels of the disease. Like most diseases. illness is a very lonely one...No one can take that pain away not just the physical aspect .........Cancer is now v. curable so don't loose hope .L so onwards & upwards ........... Have u got a cat by the way? I have a 22 year old one & we both have the same condition arthritis in our legs & spine haha and she is SMUG .

  • Hello and welcome. You need not be lonely with the support here. I do feel for you. You're a warrior though, a fighter. I had my depression from a teenager. I am thinking of you. Be gentle and kind with yourself. Small steps.

  • i saw a piece on doctor Oz on how cancer patients can now get help in overcoming the anxiety and depression that seems to result from it.



  • Sorry you have so many problems. I do hope you get help soon and start feeling better. You will be pleased you have joined us as you will get good advice,. from people who know what your going through. Gentle exercise a little at a time and nice quiet walks in a nice area may help. I believe mindfulness might help but I haven't tried it myself. Good luck .

  • I had breast cancer, too, along with a mastectomy, chemo, and radiation. Got sick from the chemo and almost died from THAT...was in the hospital about a week on a morphine drip and packed in ice It has now been five years and I am doing just fine and have adjusted to having just one breast. I don't even wear a prosthetic and don't wear a bra because I hate them (they are too hot!) Didn't even try reconstruction because I wanted to have feeling in my chest instead of a numb hunk of fake boob! I actually kind of liked being bald during that summer because it was so hot that year. I know I sound sappy and too happy, but believe me, I have suffered from panic attacks, depression, and agoraphobia my entire adult life. My psychiatrist gives me Xanax and I am hooked on it. I am down to a few pills and am probably going to have to go inpatient at the psych hospital so I don't go through withdrawal--so as you can hear, I definitely have problems, too. Just not from the breast cancer. I went through all that pretty much by myself. I think I was kind of in denial. Keep the faith.

  • Hi, it is very impressive given what you have been through you are still trying. I can't imagine what you are going through but would be happy to listen and write each other any time.

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