Don't know where to go

Does anybody know if a good hotline or chatline I could text maybe just to talk with someone? I've been looking because on and off depression on top of my PTSD triggers and stuff can really screw with me, only I'm not suicidal and I'm not a war veteran so I'm having trouble finding a chat to text that I'm comfortable with. This isn't in place of a therapist or friend support, it's for when I can't rely on them or don't want to talk with someone who I'd see everyday. Any advice would be great, it really sucks having to go through lows like this alone.

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  • Try this one. I have been on it a few times and it's all free.

  • Thanks, think I'll try it

  • I can talk. I struggled with anxiety and depression for a while, took medication and saw a counselor. I am drug free and doing much better. Call if you need to talk (806) 777-8142 Calvin.

  • I can communicate or at least I can listen. I know how you feel about discussing the bothersome thoughts that you struggle with. There are times when family, friends or a therapist just doesn't seem to feel like the right setting to give words to your feelings. Anyway, my email is:

  • thanks

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