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I have been suffering with anxiety since my teens. My partner of 7 years doesn't want any part of it. I know she loves me and I feel the same but some people cannot deal with it. My mother suffered it and has passed my sister suffered and passed and my niece suffers and does well with it in her late 30s. I have no friends and just want to talk to someone who understands. I am a professional women have a great job and career and for the most part happy go luck person.

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  • I, too, struggle with anxiety and its a daily struggle! My boyfriend and I live together. It is difficult for him to deal with, but he actually manages it well. I show him articles on how to deal with anxiety and what its like for me to have it. For the most part, I feel this has helped our relationship.

  • Sorry to hear you feel alone, anxiety what can I say ? You probably heard it all. I can say this you not alone. I here if you need to talk, I live in Hawaii. Have a bless day😊

  • Thank u for replying to my post. I would love to here from you again and maybe you could help take my mind off things by telling me about Hawaii.lucky you!ever since I saw the film blue Hawaii it's facinated me.it's so beautiful.I hope that's ok.I'm all for getting your mind away from anxiety onto more positive happy things.let me know if I may contact u again.I'm 70 but a young 70 and get terrible palpitations which my go says is anxiety.This is without seeing me.take care and best wishes,sandie

  • I also suffer with anxiety & depression. My husband & I have been married 5+ years, together 7+ years. He doesn't get it. He's emotionally bulletproof & has no idea what it's like to feel out of control in your own mind... he has moments of clarity, if you will, but I generally feel he'd rather not deal with my "drama" at all. I get it, because I don't want to either. But I'm trapped in this mind of mine & have no choice in the matter! Like you, I have a successful career & outwardly (most of the time) appear in control & like I have all my shit together. But I rarely FEEL that way. Do you have a counselor or psychiatrist? I strongly encourage finding one. Do some research, ask your PCP for referrals or recommendations. Find someone you feel completely comfortable talking to. I've recently done that & though I've only seen her twice so far, I have very high hopes that she & I can work to get me through some really difficult things I'm dealing with currently. Best of luck with your struggles, I'd love to talk with you more if you need that!

  • Thank you I'd like that

  • Medication may help. I take Xanax but lots of docs won't prescribe it, so you may have to find someone who will. I had a successful career but have been plagued by panic attacks my entire adult life and I'm now 59. I managed a career until I was 51 and had to go out on soc sec disability. I also have a college degree and a PhD, so it is possible to struggle through each day and still be scared to death! People who haven't had REAL panic attacks just don't get it--the sense of depersonalization, out of body, sweating, nausea, horror and terror not related to anything you can pinpoint, etc. There are so many of us struggling with this.

  • Wish my husband understood too

  • Ugh, people just don't get it... unless of course they've lived it. I do think people should at least try to be empathetic, but I've learned people are almost never what you want or need them to be. I'm on new meds (I've taken depression & anxiety meds off/on for 16 years) & seeing a counselor for the first time. I'm actually actively trying to become the best version of me for the first time in my life. My husband has acted amazing to me for the past 3 days (the same amt of time I've been biting my tongue when he's rude or mean) - today wasn't a good day for me & when he said to me (for the 4th time) that I should refrain from eating more food at lunch (I've recently lost 12lbs & he lets me know consistently he doesn't want me to gain it back), I snapped & allowed myself to react very negatively to him & his comments. He immediately got ugly & defensive & let me know that he's just been waiting for the "old me" to come back out. Like his words & hateful shit have nothing to do with why I snapped... I'm at my wits end here & just want to be happy again. Idk if I can be happy with this man. I feel like if I'm not perfect & submissive & if I ever talk too much about feelings & emotions, then I'm not worthy of his love. I have to "pay" for his love with my perfect attitude & there is no margin for error with him. I can't wait for my next counseling session Monday! Thanks for letting me let it all out here, though. I'm new to this forum & love it so far!

  • Hi JoysAnxiety,

    The stigma surrounding mental ilness can make it hard to open up to people,including our loved ones. I understand. I have suffered from anxiety since I was 10 years old. My dad has no part to do with my anxiety. I know he loves me , but he has nothing to do with my anxiety.

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