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Had a fight

I had a fight today at fencing. The guy kept hitting me way harder than nessicary. I asked him to stop. Then I started crying because it hurt to keep getting hit that hard! I just kept crying. I was having little starts to panic attacks. I kept crying all night. I just feel terrible and had a bad day. Needed to tell someone. I hate crying because everyone tells me it makes me look weak.

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No one likes getting hit hard even during an activity where hitting is the norm. You were hurt. Crying is a very normal response to pain. Having feelings doesn't make you weak, it makes you human. Give yourself some grace. If you have a bad day, know tomorrow is a completely fresh start.


Thank you for your response. It was just a rough day. I hope today is better


Hi I don't get why you didn't just walk away instead of letting this guy hurt you? If you ask someone to stop doing something and they won't then you haven't got to take it you know. You can turn round and leave.

Do you know why it upset you so much you have been crying like this? I would chalk it down to experience so dry your tears, get up and carry out your normal day to day activities.


In fencing, I am the only girl. I do not want to be seen as weak. I might be looked down on as not being as capable. So I just try and take it usually


You are not weak for getting upset when someone hurts you. It's the one doing it who is weak as he is being a bully.

The adult way to do it is just to say calmly 'I have asked you not to be so rough and if you continue I shall stop'. That's being assertive, not weak and you will get a lot of respect for that instead.

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