Lost 20 lbs from months of depression

Has anyone else lost weight with depression?

I even bought a scale and I get on it every day and it's making me go crazy. I'm 5'10 and I use to weight around 180 give or take and now Ive been stuck at 160 for about a month, that's my morning weight and later in the evening I go up around 2 to 3 pounds. But as soon as I jump on the scale I'm the morning those couple of pounds are gone

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  • I lost weight when this nightmare first started. The I started medication and it got worse. When I got off the medication my appetite came back

  • So what is bothering you.....are you not feeling quite right physically with the weight loss? A side note, one usually weighs several pounds at night than in the morning.

  • It just scares me more since I'm such a hypochondriac and having health anxiety makes me look into it more

  • I've never lost weight, I seem to gain it from certain meds. Oh how I wish we could trade :-)

  • So I read it can go either way.. last time I went through and episode I lost some weight I just don't remember how much it was

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