I've had this problem before but it's worse now then ever. Everything is too much. Every sound is deafening. Touch almost hurts. Food tastes so strong it makes me not want to eat. It makes me frustrated and scared. School is a mess because everytime someone talks it sounds like they're shouting. My hands shake and sometimes I want to cry and sometimes I want to scream and punch something. I don't know what this is, but I hate it.

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  • Have you thought about how wonderful something positive will be? How it will feel? How does a flower blossoming look like? Exploding with color?? Brilliant light pouring down from the sun? Or is it all too much?

  • I can't focus. Everything's too much. I've tried my anxiety tools but they don't work. It's not only bad things that make me feel this. It's everything. Even blankets and wind. If my sister brushes past me, I flinch and it hurts.

  • Is there any autism in your family? Does your clothing bother you in any way? When did this start or has it always been around?

    Here is a link that may apply to you. See what you think about it please:


  • Not that I know of. Yeah I'm really sensitive to touch. It's always been like this but it's almost like a flair up. It feels like my whole world is dailed up to a ten.

  • The research I've done says it's best not to withdraw from all stimulation but I don't know how you proceed with exposure when you're so sensitive. We need to search for answers to that.

    Have you had a chance to check out the link?

  • Here's a link to 10 ways a highly sensitive person can cope with everyday life better:


    They sound like sensible things that may help you.

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