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What/who keeps you going??


Battling with depression and anxiety sucks. I sometimes wish just to never wake up. But I always remember that I need to be wake up and be strong for MY HUSBAND. Sometimes we always focus on all the things that makes us depress or anxious that we forget to remember what/who keeps us going.

Now.. I want you to share with me, What/Who keeps you going especially when times that you thought you can’t make it? Not only to get to know you more but also hopefully remind you why you make it this far.

Hug and kisses everyone! You’re not alone. You’re worth it. Anyone can chat

Me if you need someone to talk to! 😘

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I really do not know.The fear of the unknown I guess. Fear that things will get worse, and I would be in more trouble. Death is unknown.

aprlcap in reply to Hidden

That’s okay. Everybody is different but ai just want you to know that you are not alone in this battle 😊

Hope. I hope it will be over. I hope my dream will come true. I hope I will love somebody and that I will receive the love back too. I hope I will be mother someday. Hope makes me keep going.

What makes my stay is my dog, cause I can’t imagine the suffering he would have to go though. I also think that my parents would inherit my financial problems...

Hold on into that HOPE. ❤️ I hope one day, we all just gonna wake up and everything will be okay.

I wish this to all of us! Anxiety is a terrible oppression.

True. That’s why we always need to remember are what/who for us to keep going. Honey, if you need someone to talk to I’m here. ❤️

thank you very much!

My kids. Most days they are the only things that keep me going. They are my angels and what motivates me even on my worst days. I’ve never dealt with depression until my divorce and it’s been really difficult.

aprlcap in reply to Mfgha6843

I know how difficult it is suffering with depression. Its like constant with unknown. But like what I said, always remember the reason (for you, your childs) why you need to be strong and fight. I hope the best for you! Hugs and kisses. If you need someone to talk to, I’m here. Just one chat away 😊

All the poems I've yet to read and the ones I've yet to write.

aprlcap in reply to mrmonk

And look forward on sharing your art/work to everyone someday. ❤️

mrmonk in reply to aprlcap

Poetry connects people, so they need never be alone. If nothing else, I hope the poems I've shared in my posts to the HealthUnlocked community here have approached this goal.

socalpoppy in reply to mrmonk

I just read your poem Lost at Sea. It is truly beautiful. A phrase that resonated with me was about feeling the storm before a single drop. It describes that feeling of heaviness in my mind that is full of worries too numerous to count.

mrmonk in reply to socalpoppy

Thank you, socalpoppy, for taking the time to read my poem and for your kind words. Sometimes the calm before the storm can be more unnerving than the storm itself! I hope your worries aren't weighing too heavily on your mind and that wherever you may be the waters are tranquil.

Hidden in reply to mrmonk

Good to have a fellow poet here. Writing can be very helpful.

mrmonk in reply to Hidden

Indeed, sometimes, writing can end up being very therapeutic or cathartic. As can reading, also -- the solace I find in reading certain poems is so essential to my well-being. Do you have any poems you turn to when you are feeling anxious or low?

Hidden in reply to mrmonk

Firstly, I must say I used to watch Monk, great show. I am Brazilian-American, and I have a few Brazilian and Portuguese authors I like to read, they bring me that feeling of joy mixed with childhood nostalgia. Hard to find them in English... Also, I include lyrics in this. Some songs are musical poetry. Even a good old “Let It Be” has an amazing healing power for me. I also like to revisit some of the poems from my book to remember that good feeling I had at the time. Because if it was once there, it will be back, as life is constant change. And you, what do you read when you need to cheer up?

mrmonk in reply to Hidden

Photo50, you are the very first person I've encountered on here that shared a fondness for Monk (or confided that they watched it, at least)! It's my favorite show, but that's no surprise; fittingly, one of my OCD rituals is to loop a dozen or so of my favorite episodes on my laptop, as I fall asleep at night.

I haven't read any Brazilian or Portuguese poetry in translation, though I have heard of the Portuguese poet, Fernando Pessoa. As a fellow poet, have you ever tried your hand at translating works by your favorite Brazilian or Portuguese poets to English? I'd be interested to know more about your own poetry. Have you had it published?

Oh yes, I would absolutely include song lyrics, as well! After all, songs are, by definition, lyric poems (often with musical/instrumental accompaniment), and "Let It Be" is such a fantastic choice. "Waterloo Sunset" by The Kinks would be mine.

The poems I read don't necessarily cheer me, but, rather, make me feel less alone, as I can feel in their lines the closest approximation to what the poet was feeling to move them to write in the first place. In this way, the poets are unflagging companions, always there; and their poems are as innumerable as there are thoughts or emotions.

That said, there are many poems by my favorite poet (and HealthUnlocked avatar), Sir John Betjeman, that bring me great joy, like "A Subaltern's Love Song." I get giddy anytime I recite that poem!

Hidden in reply to mrmonk

You gave me an interesting idea. I used to work as a translator and did some teen books but never translated Poetry.. thank you for that.

It can be a future project for a blog maybe.

Fernando Pessoa is a great poet, so is Florbela Espanca, but she can be quite sad. I love Brazilian poets Cora Coralina (pen name) and Carlos Drummond de Andrade.

I need to check Sir John Betjeman, I confess I don’t know much about his work. I like Emily Dickinson and Robert Frost. I visited his home in NH, very inspiring.

I did self publish my small paperback Poetry book. A gathering of my favorite ones since my first poem at age 12 and newer poems. Every now and then I sell one, but it was more about fulfilling a lifelong dream for my personal gratification than aspiring to be a commercial success. It felt great.

Thank you for asking!

mrmonk in reply to Hidden

You're quite welcome and I hope that you do try translating poetry; I imagine it would be a really interesting challenge.

I will try to find some translations of the poets you mentioned; I love discovering poets new to me...the sad ones, especially.

Oh, I'd love to visit Robert Frost's home in New Hampshire! There was a job opening for a docent at Frost Place sometime back, but I knew it would be futile to apply because I live in Florida.

Have you published any of your poems online? I would enjoy reading your work sometime, if you're comfortable sharing.


aprlcap in reply to bonkers65

As long as there is life, the lre is hope. 😊 I wish you well. xx

bonkers65 in reply to aprlcap

Thank you. I wish you well too.

I keep myself going. I can't rely on anybody else. That is why I am here. Hoping this somehow helps. I want to be a good mom. My mental health issues get in the way.

aprlcap in reply to Mitzi5

So make that a reason to keep going.

Remind yourself that you’re still here and keep going because one day you want to be better to become a good mom someday. And I know, without a doubt, you will be. Hugs and kisses. xx

Mitzi5 in reply to aprlcap

Thank you

I think about my parents if am depressed, I think all the sacrifices they have made for me. I think that there are people having much worst problem then me, I thank God for everything I have.

Just appreciate your daily improvements, even it's negligible, it will give you courage to move on. Otherwise you will go back again in bad phase.

My husband, dad and pets are who I know would be crushed and never fully recover if I caved in to a particularly painful episode. They are who keep my roots planted firmly in this world of form. The world of the formless is our true and ultimate home. But while we are on this plane, we gotta hang on with gratitude and a duty to all we have. Thanks for this great post.

Like many of you, I'd say hope is what keeps me from despair and hopelessness, too. I believe that a time is coming where good fully destroys evil.

the will to succeed and get better keeps me going.not my dog or my kids but they do help.

My wife and a couple of friends help me when I need to talk. Never could talk to counselors or strangers. When I'm alone, music is my saving grace. Most days I can't function properly until I'm motivated by certain songs. I try to read but my mind wanders too much. And of course, sites like this are a major help. Peace & Love.

Not breaking my dads heart with the loss of another child but once my parents are gone so am I because not hurting them again is the only reason I continue.

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