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How to overcome the desire to become completely recluse?

I have reached my limits lately. I have been battling Hypothyroidism since I was 19. I also battle Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Manic Depressive. Friends and family keep telling me that its mind over matter. If that was the case I would NEVER chose to feel like this!!! Who wants to feel like this!!!????? Why would any person choose this over happy/normal?

All the people in my life don't seem to care enough to look into what I fight daily. They care about me, but never listen when I explain what I have. Tell me if ever I need to talk I can call, but rarely answer when I do. If they do answer, say things that make me feel bad or responsible for my conditions. My family constantly refer to me as the lazy one. It does not matter my med routine, my body will just shut off. I can sleep for 16 hours at a time. Not waking to even use the restroom or get something to drink. I have tried, excessively, multiple different coping techniques, specialized diets/vitamins and medications. Still here fighting my body to just function. I am feeling like there's nothing left to try. I don't care to try anymore. I don't answer my phone, ignore texts, have all out anxiety attacks when I even try to leave my home (where the attacks come from I do not even know), I have no strength inside to keep up the battle while trying to get support from those in my life.

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Wow!! You sound so misunderstood!! And I do know how crummy you can feel!!!! "The lazy one????" Where the heck do they get that from???? What part of you is lazy??? I have your disorders and there's nothing lazy about them!! Nothing!! I can't ever get more than 3 hours of sleep. I don't know how you do it. But what's lazy about you??? That you sleep so much? That's hardly lazy. But I suppose if you're looking for something to criticize you could fasten on that.


Hi I think this is the answer for you-really good-

Some really good stuff going on at the moment and some really good books here

very best wishes


Ugh, I know how feel. Funny how people who have Anxiety disorder immediately get it. Unless friends and/or family have ever had anxiety or been depressed they just won't get it. It's like my mom, she always deminishes anything I'm feeling with a simple answer and it doesn't help it makes me feel worse. I'm glad I discovered this site, hopefully through this community we can all get through the difficult times.


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