Trying to overcome Panic Disorder

Hello. I have dealt with anixety since I was 17 and I am currently 28. It's been a really long and tough journey, however, I have not given up hope on overcoming my panic attacks and anxiety. I seem to be okay for the most part. I try my best to do everything that I have learned to cope with panic attacks in order to deal with them better. However, sometimes I lose myself in the fear. I had a really bad episode on Monday. I was just getting over the stomach flu and got nauseous in the morning. Nausea is a trigger for me. I then began to worry that I was going to be sick again. The room started spinning and I felt weak. My heart started racing, the hot and cold flashes came and I felt like I was about to die. It was terrible. I got through it with the help of a friend, but all this week I have felt off. I keep obsessing over thinking that I am about to go crazy or lose my mind. I have a new therapist and I don't even want to tell her I feel this way. I am afraid of being committed. I don't feel like hurting myself or anyone, but the intense fear of going crazy is hard to deal with. Sometimes I think the physical symptoms are nothing compared to the emotional symptoms. Today I have been trying my best to not feed into this fear. Whenever I feel this emotion pop up, I just keep doing whatever it is I am at the time and it seems to go away. It's hard though. If anyone has ever felt this way, please let me know how you manage it. Thanks.

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  • You're not alone. One of the symptoms during panic is" fear of going crazy" or "losing control". I think anyone who has suffered from panic attacks can agree that it feels like you're going crazy when it's happening since there is no apparent danger. You shouldn't be ashamed to speak to you're psychiatrist about what you're suffering through. Hope it gets better for you.

  • Hello there, i feel you, I have some triggers of my own... Don't worry.. It's hard to live with anxiety alright but how I've been trying to control it and it's working is through the way of God... I realized the only entity humans put their faith in when nothing works is God( depends on how you define it, I'm a Buddhist so for me God is the force around me, in environment)... Try to join groups of faith and build a new pattern of "belief on God" and that too hard core belief... If u can have an extreme thought while panic, I believe u can create this thought process as well... Practice your belief... And then try to think "I need not fear because God, environment or force is with me.... It won't let the sickness come to me"... I know this is easier said... But trust me it'll work..

  • I've am starting to really combat my negative thoughts with positive ones. Every time I catch myself saying bad thoughts, I do my best to say "no your not crazy" etc. I do also try to pray and really on a higher power, but sometimes in the middle of it, it gets hard. If I just say " I will be okay, I can do this, I am not crazy, it seems to help. Thank you for helping. I appreciate it. It's nice to get advice from other people who deal with it also.

  • Totally understand the feeling and the fear of sudden death. You're right and v brave to continue doing what you were doing. Give yourself a hug!Please talk to your therapist about it. Have you tested yourself for thyroid or hormonal issues? That has a lot to do with anxiety. Have you tried reliving the experience with your therapist and trying to change every thought? And you​will get through this. Do you like drawing or painting or writing or anything creative? Trust me it's super hard but you can get through anything.

  • Thank you for your words. It helps. Yes I do enjoy coloring when I feel crazy because it helps put me back in the moment. But sometimes I can't do it. I do need to get my thyroid checked. You're the 3rd person this week to say that to me. I will take it as a sign lol. But no haven't discussed it yet with my therapist. I just started seeing her last week. I am going to bring it up when I see her tomorrow.

  • Flea856, yes I have felt the fear of going crazy. It is a very strong thought, but it is still only a thought. I have anxiety and depression and I have to say the thoughts and fears are sometimes worse than the physical sensations. You really need to tell your therapist about this. She is not going to commit you! You are having typical symptoms of panic. She will be a help! Are you on meds? Sometimes they are a big help. I am on meds for depression, anxiety and OCD. I'm glad to hear you are not having harm thoughts. Does something trigger your panic attacks? I think you have a great approach to just keep doing what you're doing. Talk to your therapist, it's nothing she never heard before.God Bless


  • I did tell my therapist and it turns out it is normal lol. I am on medication but I know i need an adjustment because of how frequent my attacks are coming again. I am in the works of finding a new psychiatrist. Hoping it will help.

  • Check out this book: Panic Attacks Workbook by David Carbonell, Ph.D. I just started it and I think it might help you! Good luck!!!

  • I had panic attacks for several years. I finally got over them when my psychiatrist kept repeating and I finally accepted the fact that panic attacks do not create any serious medical or mental problems. Definitely, they do not make you crazy. People that are crazy have no fear of going crazy. You have an anxiety disorder, not a mental illness. Hang in there and know you are not alone.

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