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Hi all! I am a junior college student who has suffered with severe anxiety since sophomore year of high school. Reading all these stories helps me feel not so alone and remind me tnat many times physical symptoms i have are just anxiety related, nothing more (i too struggle with health anxiety). Lately ive been having a really hard time having just moved out of my parents house and into a new city this past fall. Ive had many bad panic attacks that left me feeling genuinely like i was dying, and ive been very close to calling 911 during these times. Sometimes i have mood swings where ill switch quickly from feeling fine but then something small happens or just seemingly out of nowhere i feel anxious and i just feel so sensitive and fragile. My anxious moods also sometimes leave me feeling a sense of impending doom or something like that, thats the best way i can describe it. I get so scared im going to die, sometimes that fear comes out of nowhere too. Anyone else relate to these things? Id love some reassurance/tips

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You have to remind yourself you have recently had a major life change by moving into a city. Are you living alone, in a college dorm or apartment? Do your roommates know what is going on? Maybe go to the college health center and see if you can start to see a counselor. I am sure there would be someone you can talk to. Some tricks I have learned over the years is to stop and think what is causing the panic attack at that moment. Then ask yourself what is the worse case scenario that could happen with what is currently happening. I often found when I thought about that I could calm down. I have also learned from my counselor to rub your chest right below the neck, where the bones for your shoulder/chest is. I don't know if I described that right. The nice thing about doing that is that people don't even realize what you are doing, yet it can start to relax you. I hope these ideas help you.

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Thank you so much! Ill try the rubbing thing you described. I actually live with my brother and a friend of ours so im at least comfortable with who i live with which is nice. Its just so hard when old triggers come back that i thought id overcome

Sure, Shea, what you describe is what anxiety does to a person. Sometimes deep breathing exercises help, exercising, getting out into nature, meditating, yoga, magnesium; these are things that have helped some people. Different approaches have helped different people. If all else fails, there is always medication. If you choose this route, be sure you understand the side effects, which are more likely to show up the longer you take it. Also, be aware that meds for anxiety are all addicting, so use extreme caution.

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Hi thank you so much! I forgot to mention that i actually do take meds, i have for a few years now and they help a lot, but when i forget them the toll is very extreme

This happens to me as well. I just have to curl up & go to bed when they are horrible. Last year it was so bad i didn’t eat for a week & went to the ER and they gave me some vistaril for anxiety & it helped. I have a few left but not many ):

Remind yourself that your brain is going through your fight or flight response. Nothing is wrong even though it feels like your dying.

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