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Depression causing relationship issues/ cyber bulling

Lately my depression has gotten so much worse these last 7 months due to a very bad relationship. I decided to try dating again after 3 years and the guy I got with seemed really sweet at first but things got bad, he had a messed up ex and even though I knew I should have left him I felt like he was the only one who understood my depression. Finally he dumped me for the ex and I was actually relieved! Stress wasn't as bad until she started harassing me and cyber bulking me, I had to change my number, delete social media accounts, and I tried to just ignore it but it got to a point where I started always looking at her account to see what she had posted about me. She would say so many bad things about me even though I didn't understand why. I haven't spoken to him since the day we split and I haven't spoken to anyone near his life, in fact I blocked his whole family and him on everything and her! But even though I deleted everything to stop dealing with it I still look at her stuff to see what she says about me. It's like I enjoy the pain or something and I don't know how to stop. Any ideas??

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I am afraid the only way you can be rid of the cyber bully is to learn to ignore it. Her bullying has nothing to do with you but her percieves inadequacies. You need to understand that when people attack others they do so because they themselves are unwilling to face the inner shame that torments them.

so you need to wake up and learn that every time you allow it bother you, you in fact put your body in a stressed state which is said to shorten ones life. Is it really worth it dying before your time because of this online bully?🤔

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