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Depression and anxiety

I have dealt with depression since in my late teens. Diagnosed in my 30s with clinical depression. For the past 20 yrs I've been taking Effexor and it has worked fairly well with intermittent bouts of depression and anxiety. In October this year we moved to another state to retire- I was so happy and full of energy. I am 64 and in January I went off my bio identical hormone therapy thinking I was "ok" . About one month later I woke up feeling very anxious and the familiar feeling of depression. I also started having intrusive thoughts- which greatly upset me. It's all I can do to get out of bed. We have 2 dogs so I walk daily but does not help much. My dr doubled my Effexor and I'm taking natural herbs for anxiety but do not feel much better. The Effexor dosage increase seems to only numb me more so not crying so much. I see a new hormone dr in a few days to start back on hormone therapy- I hope it helps- I feel so bad. I have a wonderful husband and family-

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