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Hi, I have been struggling with anxiety for six years now. It started as a simple fear of getting on an airplane but it slowly expanded to me not even being able to go 100 kilometres away from my house or even be left alone. I'm 26 years old and everyday this disease is expanding wider and wider. My parents life is on hold, they can't travel or leave me alone.

I want to be able to live my life like I used to. I've tried going to a physiologist, I've tried facing my fears but the stress level is way too high and it burns me out. I was suggested to take pills but I even have anxiety to take pills.

I need help

Thank you

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Hi love, so sorry for your struggles. It sounds like you may have developed agoraphobia over time--an anxiety disorder that is treatable with a combination of medication and psychotherapy. I would suggest finding a therapist near you who specializes in anxiety disorders and seek out her help. If it gives you too much anxiety to go by yourself, bring a safe person with you until you reach a point where therapy becomes the safe situation and you no longer need them to come with you. Perhaps talking with someone in a perceived safe space will warm you up to the idea of medication, or alternatively you may find that with enough exposure therapy, you may not need medication or may only need very little to push you through this. I'm no doctor, though, so I would definitely recommend consulting with a psychiatrist as well, when you're ready. I know that even these suggestions may sound frightening, but all it takes is the first step, and it sounds like you are ready to make fear relinquish its control over your life. Chin up. **Hugs**



Thank you Bev, it's good to hear that's I can be treated and be back to my normal stage. I used to be such an adventurous person wake up early in the morning hit the road and find myself someplace nice. But now even the thought of it makes me nervous. I will follow your advise and try to find someone to help me.

It's great to be able to talk to people that understand what I'm going through. I love my friend and family but since they have never experienced this pain, every time that I panic they try to get words out of my mouth for them to understand what it is that I'm scared of. But I can't describe it.


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