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My struggles with anxiety


Hi! I am new here. I've been suffering from anxiety for year and a half now. My anxiety is giving me a really hard time lately. I've lost interest in life. I try to stay focused and determined but with my condition it is almost impossible to stay focus but I am still trying. It has been a rollercoaster ride for me. Sometimes I am happy and excited for no reason and sometimes I am hit by grief. At first I wasn't even able to do chores or take a shower or leave bed. But now I've gained a little control on it but still I am struggling with it. But I am determined to beat it. I hope this community will support me and will help me.

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Hey Michonne, You bet we will support you and we'll be glad to do it. We've all been there. I've even made up a little rhyme "Hello anxiety my old friend, here you are to torture me again." It feels like that sometimes doesn't it? You have to show this illness who the boss is. First of all you're sounding a little manic depressive to me, but I am not a Doctor. I suggest you see one as soon as you can. You'll probably get put on anti-depressants and maybe start therapy. Then you'll be ready to take it on. You will get past this, many of us have and it is doable. Face the fear, let it roll right on by. The more you do this the more in control you will be. Better days ahead my friend, Pam

Don't feed the fear!

You made some really good points. We are all capable of beating this. Facing the fear is the first step. In the end, it is only anxiety that is making us feel this way. We all have it within ourselves to move forward.

First off yay!!!!! Bravo!! You have made it to the next stage!! You are determined enough to get out of bed and do chores !!! Take it day by day and noticed the good! It will all get better , but you have to remember to appreciate and noticed and be happy every time a anxiety symptom has relieved ! If I were u I'd buy the claire weeks audios and that will give a stronger insight on how to beat anxiety !

Very good suggestion.

Thnx ❤

Have faith that you can beat it or. At least control it, do you see a therapist? They can really help

I have the same problem almost.

Diagnosed with General anxiety disorder I tried on my own for a tear and a half with no relieve. I decided to go and see an specailist.

He prescribed me Zoloft.

If tour symptoms become Chronic you should swe a mental specialist

Good luck.

I'm starting to feel better after 3.5 weeks akready.

Every day is a battle. The goal is to have more good days than bad ones. A bad day every now and then is ok. Stay busy, get active! Write positive notes to yourself and leave them around your place. Are you seeing a therapist? If not, go to one. You might need to go on meds and that's ok too.

I am really thankful and feel so welcomed among you guys. I didn't know I'll get this better response. I am glad you guys understood each and every detail of mine. Your support is worth millions thankyou❤ p.s I was busy with my exam and in finding some stress releiving techniques. I hope to stay in touch with you people. Lots of love!


I understand your struggle all to well! I have had anxiety since I was 6 years old, I am 21 now, so that is what? 15 years? Haha, so I totally understand, you are not alone! There are so many people who feel the way you do and it is totally okay, even though it sucks. What has really helped me with my anxiety is meditating, which I was super skeptical about at first, I thought it sounded so stupid and hippy, but it totally works!! Just google guided meditation, or something of that sort, and you will find loads of material to get you started and help a lot with focus!! Another thing that has helped is exercise, even though it can suck, haha, it really does help and can be more effective than anti-anxiety medication (and not to mention you'll look better too hahaha) I have found the exercise does not have to be intense, just going for a walk that raises your heart rate can help if you do it consistently! Things always get better, I know from experience with this stupid disorder!

No worries,

- J

Myth_12 in reply to ocdgirl

Thankyou so much for your kind response and affection. And yes I'll try to meditate and do exercise. I've been busy lately with my internship so the schedule is kinda messed up but soon i'll pull everything together and will start doing things accordingly.

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