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im confused

Hi im new. i do not know how to explain my situation. i have bipolar, depression, ptsd. I always think negative and nobody love me. I bragg my friends to fit in. i always lower myself. sometimes i pretend i have headaches or someting in order to feel love from my family and friends. i do that looking for attention. most of the night i sleep maximum of 4 hours. i keep thinking about my past and the way my husband treated me. most of the time i'm asking myself if i'm sick or just pretend all this. i'm in big dilemma. im not sure if someone has the same feeling as me

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Hi sorry to hear these things. People should accept you as you are no need to pretend ok.i am very sensitive. Try not to look back though i know it's hard. Have you ever had counseling? I've had lots lol.


Yes im following up with psychiatrist. As far as counselor i had one about 2 years ago but i need to go check with other counslor. Thank though for your advice


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