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Just had an attack.. Maybe this can help others

So was just sat down on my Mac and suddenly I felt my heart start racing and out of nowhere it hit.. bang. My heart was racing, breathing uncontrollably. Haven't had a attack for 2 days now so was sort of expecting it, I jumped out of bed and realised that was the worse thing to do. Sat back down on the side of my bed muted my music and closed my eyes, focused on my breathing and trying to slow it down. Breathing in through my nose slowly, holding it in for a bit and breathing back out slowly. Really focusing on my breathing. After 2-3 minutes of doing this I was back to 'normal'. This is the first time I have done this. Usually ill do the breathing exercise but simply id do it half assed and not put much effort into this.

Just thought id share this with you all as this may or may not help someone.

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Awesome it worked for you😊 I'll try it not to half as it. Bless you


Thank you very much Spartan808 :)

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Thank you for shareing!!

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