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Hi Anxiety/Depression

Hi everyone. I'm trying to figure this out. I don't have a diagnosis of anxiety yet but I've been having anxiety attacks for a few weeks. I went to talk to someone today but i am not sure how well this will work out. I've been feeling really sad and i havent been able to eat. I get this feeling in my belly that is like the feeling of being full and heavy. I havent eaten much in the last 24 hours and im so hungry but my body is telling me to eat my stomach just wont allow it. On top of that when and if i eat i feel really nauseas after no matter how much or how little i eat i ferl nauseated. Anybody elae ever feel like that?

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I know how you feel and I've actually been going through it for the past few days. If you want to know the whole story, you can read my post because it's way too long to repeat here. I've been having to force myself to eat anything. My stomach growls so much and I feel hungry, but I can't eat because my anxiety/depression makes me feel so nauseous. I've been primarily eating saltine crackers and drinking ginger ale, and so far I've been able to keep it down even though I feel so nauseous. Try eating things that are easy on your stomach like you would if you had the flu. Things like saltines, bananas, yogurt, rice, toast, potatoes, etc.

I also haven't been officially diagnosed yet, even though I've been dealing with these issues since I was a little kid (now almost 20). My doctor knows that I have issues with anxiety/depression, but she hasn't given me officially given me a label yet. I'm glad you went to talk to someone and I hope it works for you!


Thank you. I tried eating yogurt and mashed potatos and they've stayed down im just really really hungry and afraid that if i eat more I'll be worse off.


Kingganx, it sounds like you have been suffering from anxiety. Most of us here have it. You should find a counselor and see if you can get meds for it. I have had OCD and anxiety for years. Meds do help me and praying and faith help me most . Don't be too frightened, it can be treated. It also comes and goes. Have you had a recent bad experience? Sometimes that triggers it. Find a Dr. And talk it out with him or her. God bless LD


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