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Coping with Anxiety and Depression


I havent seen a doctor in 2 years, and that is when i got my anxiety diagnosis. They never sat me up with therapy and counseling and i could never find one. Been on and off welbutrion (i always get off of it because of medication fears) trying to use coping skills and natural anxiety and depression suppressors (exercise, proper healthy diet, full night sleep, active life) sometimes i fall away from it tho. Somedays, i wake up and cannot gather enough strenght to eat, exercise or do anything. The "lay around in my pjs, eat junkfood and binge youtube" days. I hope my doctor tells me all of my symptoms are in my head and sets me up with therapy. Going to get a counselor on top of it. Reading post from this website really helps. Makes me feel like im not alone and im not crazy.

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In my experience, therapy can really help, if you cam get it. It makes you feel like someone is tracking your progress, especially someone who has seen many other people with similar conditions. It also gives me a chance to bring my emotions to the surface, and get another person's perspective.

I love therapy and counseling. Im waiting for call backs on both to set up appointments

Many doctors these days like dishing out a diagnosis of deppression etc and then antidepressants

in UK they were diagnosing lots of teens with borderline personality disorder (I don't even believe it is a real condition) they had though.and now they have to be 18 before they can label them it

Imagine the psychological effect of being diagnosed with mild anxiety mild depression it would seem so much more manageable

BPD is a real condition and describes a certain set of behaviours and attitudes. Do some reading about it and you will see it does exist. x

Hi there, yes it is good to see a therapist. Many times churches offer it free. Since you are into healthy options you might already know this but just in case:

Taking magnesium malate and ginseng are great since they calm the mind body and spirit and get rid of sticky negative thoughts. Also, going outside, laying on grass or standing barefoot grounds us which helps a lot too. volunteering is great since it helps us as we help others. B Complex is great to increase energy and focus too. Hope this helps you too! =)

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