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Hi everyone. I joined about a week ago & have found it helpful. My doctor has increased my meds (fluoxetine & Lorazepam, about a week to go until we see if it helps). My health provider is currently looking for a therapist for me. Fingers crossed they have 1 soon. I also got the calm app that some said helped them... remembered breathing exercises helped last time everything got bad. Had been feeling better, until yesterday.

I work at a small costume/giftshop near a major college. There's 4 of us (plus the couple who owns the store). The owners basically leave the everyday operations to the manager & me (on manager's off days). 1of the employees is graduating & will be moving on next month. Not a real big deal, college towns are pretty quite during summer. The other guy is great with people, but not so good at other tasks. Costumes & the like are a huge part of the business(October is our month)... we get huge shipments in from now until August. It's a ton of work to deal with. Yesterday he dropped a huge thing, he's moving across country at end of month. He's a free spirit, so not a huge shock. Don't think he has told anyone else yet. My anxiety has skyrocket... my body feels like it's humming on fire.... that bad. I don't think I can do this job anymore.... the stress/anxiety/junk is too much. My husband has been trying to tell me to leave forever.... we can afford it.... I don't know what to do...

Thanks for reading.

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Time to leave the job if is causing you stress. Your health is more important.


Whew...take a breath. There's a lot on your plate. We're here to listen and support you. Whether or not to leave a job is always a big question. If you're this anxious and there really isn't going to be someone to help you at the store, it might be tempting to leave.

Hope though the current situation is temporary....sounds like you like working at this place otherwise.

Maybe you should talk to the person in charge of hiring about the fact you need someone to help. Perhaps no one knows that. Can't hurt to ask. If the answer is "no", may make your decision easier to stay or leave.


Thank you CatP36 & PTSDforyears for your replies. I'm still debating on what to do. Worked with my manager today (1st since the news), it turns out the graduating employee is going to be sticking around once she is done with school. She's a great employee, we see eye to eye about most stuff, plus she understands anxiety & depression stuff. My boss is going to try to stop by tomorrow, so hopefully I can try to talk to her. I'd like to make until after Halloween.... we get a Halloween bonus.... but I do need to think of my health.... so we'll see. Thanks again. Hope everyone is doing well. 😊


Heard many good things in your last message. And that's to hear. (Excuse the terrible pun :) ) You sound so much better at the moment and glad you acquired additional info about the shop's help situation before you made a decision about leaving. Have a good night and pleasant day tomorrow.


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