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Due to my insurance, my psychiatrist has changed 3 times in 4 years. My therapist moved and I've tried to see other therapists, but it seems like everyone's schedule is full. One therapist told me she couldn't take on my issues. I cried all night over that. I don't want my psychiatrist to think I don't want to help myself, but, I am truly beginning to feel hopeless and unwanted.

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Have you asked your psychiatrist to look for a therapist for you? He/she might have someone she could ask if they were willing to take on your issues and then you wouldn't have to face another refusal. It's actually helping the psych Dr. to get you a therapist because it will significantly help you, his patient, to be in successful therapy. You become easier to treat and improve overall if your therapist is successful with treating you. And you'll be happier sooner. It can't hurt to try.

I am so sorry that that therapist told you something so painful. I wish that person had worded it another way. But it does give you an idea why you're depressed and that you can take credit for shouldering a very tough load all this time. You must be doing pretty good just to be where you are now and not be hospitalized. Kudos to you!! Every little bit helps!!

You can also go online to Psychology Today and look at photos and philosophies of therapists and their specialties to see who might take you on, plus their education and whether they bill on a sliding scale and their hospital prefered and so on. I wish you great success and well being throughout your treatment.

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