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hey it's been awhile i haven't post. feeling confuse. i was doing OK not waking up feeling anxious. since week i have been waking up feeling anxious and i don't know what trigger it off. then waking up feeling anxious all my fears and worried thoughts to pop up i dont know what to do my counselling section is Monday. so i am home trying to relax just thinking and worrying. saw my friend post something on the internet about have health issues here i am wondering whats wrong with her and could i be going through a health issue and dont know. i hate feeling this way... i am stressing myself out by worrying. i dont want to have a panic attack............... i want to stop living in constant fear............

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I can relate, I react similarly. And I hate it as well. I finally listened to one of those breathing exercise videos (on youtube). It gave facts about how anxious people tend to be breath holders. I never realized it, but I do hold my breath when I become anxious. That prevents me from thinking clearly and then leads to panic. Suffice to say, I did the breathing exercise and it helped.

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what is the name of the video



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