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I have been with my current boyfriend for about 9 months and I really love being with him, but sometimes I feel uncertain..

We both have issues with depression and anxiety, so sometimes it's really hard to connect with each other. I always worry about disappointing him and I think he always worries about disappointing me. He's not as good as I am at communicating feelings, and sometimes I feel left in the dark, which makes me worry about what he is thinking and if it's my fault he's acting off.

We are monogamous and we talk very seriously about being together, getting married, and having a family. But sometimes I worry about him not wanting to hang out with my friends and come to social gatherings with me. He is not very social and only has a few friends, but I have a lot of friends. Sometimes I feel like me knowing and being friendly to a lot of people makes him feel insecure. I want to help him learn that he doesn't need to worry because I love him and I only want him.

We spend a lot of time together and I really love him. I don't really know if I am looking for advice or just a way to express my feelings.

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Hey there,

Congratulations on finding love! Where you are right now sounds like a fairly normal place to be, to love someone deeply and yet still worry sometimes. I've been with my current boyfriend for a couple years, and I still feel the same way! But you know- and this might even sound a little odd- the things I used to worry about have turned out to be gems in disguise. Because as we've continued to date, it's been a very good thing that we each have our own friend group and our alone time.

So for what it's worth, I think you guys are managing this part of your relationship pretty well. Please keep communicating. Please keep talking about feelings and worries and doubts. And most of all, please enjoy the ride!


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