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The struggle with depression and anxiety


Growing up as an introvert , I suffered from severe anxiety and depression. It was so difficult for me to study while at school with this anxiety and fear. My dream was to study medicine but my family would refuse to send me abroad. I couldn't get accepted here in my country so I joined the family business. Due to my anxiety I hardly did anything in the last 4 years. I lost my mum 2 years ago. That's when my depression started. I would keep begging my family year after year to send me to study medicine. I'm 24 now. Lost 35 kgs. I started a bcom part degree since my family were so ignorant for me to follow my dream. I started meds and feel better. How did you guys get through you'lls degrees. I wish I never have this disorder and I was a normal person.

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Hello Moey, I worked while going to school and payed my own way. I also had anxiety and lost a parent. You do it by taking a day at a time, seeing a Doctor, and using therapy. You can do it and it's a real confidence builder. I hope you will give it a try. Pam

I used to go to see a therapist, my dad is funding my studies and I'm on meds, I can focus much better than before. I'm thinking of furthering my studies after I graduate and then I want to work abroad. I will tackle my fears and start counseling again.

i got through school by keeping going . i wanted to quit but paid money and like to learn i do not know how i got through with this nagging depression . i figure it is all I ever knew , and try to live with it .

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