Depression anxiety panick attacks

One thing am learning the healing needs to start in the heart most of us have deeper issues that where not talking about of events in the pass that shuck us beyond what where thinking tragedy loss of love one but that can be restore we have to have faith it takes baby steps it's not easy but we can overcome fear anxiety depression loss of appetite it takes time but it can be done we need to 're new are mind each day.

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  • You're statement is very insightful. I agree that often we have deeper issues that need healing than the ones that 1st pop into our minds when we get anxious or depressed. With further contemplation we may discover the original tragedy that has caused us pain and loss, anxiety and depression. It's also realistic to identify the chemical processes that exist in our bodies that aren't related to events in our lives, the chemical imbalance depression and the genetically inherited GAD and so forth. Some of these disorders have both an inherited aspect and a chemical aspect.

  • Your so right bonniesue

  • You must have been right at your phone or laptop! You were fast to reply. I don't think anyone else is awake.

  • Yes on my phone

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