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Anxiety and Ocd with IBS


Good morning all

This month doctor change My medicine

Past medicine mame_

Fluvoxamine and colonazepam

But this month advice me to take

DUZELA 20MG 2cap morning and night

LONAZEP 0.5MG 2Tab morning and


PRAT L 1CAP Before food 2 spoon two time morning and evening

psyllium husk two spoon morning and evening

Those this medicine work for me My anxiety, OCD And IBS PLEASE HELP ME Mam

This medication is good for me or not.

Thanking you

Kind regards

Harihar Lenka

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Hi I am not quite sure what you are saying. If the meds help you then you need to keep on taking them. If not go back and speak to your doctor.

No one wants to have to take drugs and there are always a few side effects. If you don't want to take them it's up to you but I would rather than suffer. Are you having any counselling as well?

ommharihar in reply to Hidden

Not yet

No one can tell you how medication will work with your body, not even your doctor can. The only person with those answers is you.

if your doctor made a change, you would need to ask him why so you have a good understanding of the direction he is going with your treatment. I encourage people to be as involved and informed as possible on their treatment and decisions made, because at the end of the day these doctors are messing with your own brain and mind and YOU ought to take charge so they don't screw it up.

you cannot exist without your mind and so you need to have all the details your doctor has on what is happening, what to expect, and if something goes wrong or does not meet your expectations, you need to tell the doctor so he can immediately adjust your treatment and get your mind well again. You are the answer to your question

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