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OCD with Anxiety

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I feel that whenever my anxiety gets worst I tend to get into my OCD more as a way to distract my anxiety. I feel like I'm trying to fix one illness with another one. I get to the point at times that I'm so exhausted mentally and physically. I will like for my brain to take a break from these constant thoughts. I feel that nobody I'm close to take my illnesses seriously and thinks I'm seeking attention. I even feel weird about being on here cause I feel like I'll be judged. I can't wait to see my doctor next month and work on a new plan to get me feeling somewhat better. Thanks to anyone that reads this and empathizes.

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U should never worry about getting judge now. You’re on the right site for support and we all are going through something and have are own story to tell. It hurts when people don’t understand what you going through because they don’t go through it. Print something off with them explaining what is anxiety and how it makes u feel or take them to the doctor with u. U should see if u can join a Anxiety group. Until u see the doctor. Remember deep breathing and meditation and walking try to keep yourself busy and reach out when things get to be a little to much for u am here for u if u want to talk

Thank you for the very kind words. I do walk everyday since I rely on public transportation now. I try the breathing exercises but that doesn't always work for me. Haven't found any anxiety support near where I live. I have been reading supportive quotes and joined this site to help me a little and it helps. I'm glad I'm not alone in this.

You’re never alone

No judgement zone here! I'm sure you are like many of us and experiencing more anxiety during the holidays! Any chance of being on standby for an earlier appointment-preferably this month? I get the overcompensating in one area to manage the other. Finding a balance can be tough. I agree, long walks are good. Listening to music or enjoying a cup of tea and chilling by the tree lights works for me at this time of the year, too. While there, I am intentional about deep breathing, which physically takes away stress. I have an essential oils defuser, and personally like the peppermint scent. These are afew things that work for me to minimize the anxiety levels. Oh-and I also make lists, which help me focus on what needs to be done each day. Planning it out on the calendar makes it much easier for me to stay focused and not get anxious-knowing it will all get done!

Thank you for the response. I make a list of things to do or accomplish and check them as I go. I unfortunately can't afford to see the doctor this month due to my bills and holidays. That is why I have to wait till next month.

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