Still tryn to do things naturally

Hi all im new to this site and anxiety, it started on news years eve with a panic attack i believe. I was fine the nxt day but once i returned to wrk it happened again and the last was big one i was driving home from wrk, doc says its anxiety and i have been prescibed hydoxyzine and Xanax xr, i haven't tried either due to fear but i really need to get my life bk before this anxiety spirals out. I been trying to do things naturally has helped some but still feel heavy. Any suggestions??

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  • Hi sorry to hear all this. You have a choice. You can either take the meds you have been prescribed which should help you or you can try self help. There are no other choice I'm afraid. If you google it you should find online counselling courses you can do, and also try mindfulness.

  • Thank you for the reply, ive been tryn some meditation learned how to control breathing. Iv had good days n today has been a bad one. Just when i think in making progress the rug gets pulled from under me. I been battling it tje past 3months n i think i need to stop being scared n start the meds

  • Meditation is very good so well done for doing this. Don't forget just because you have a bad day it doesn't mean it is not helping you. I am sure you are making progress but it can take quite a bit longer than 3 months and it's sometimes a case of 1 step forward 2 steps back.

    I am all for self help but meds can help as well. Have you thought about counselling or are you doing any?

  • I am seeing a psychiatrist once a week. Which helps some also. Im just afraid to try meds but at this point im thinkn its gna do more hood than harm..

  • I had my first panic attack new years eve also . I was having chest pain, then I was on the phone talking, then the person said that chest pain serious etc, I felt like I was going to faint at one point I though I was going to die, I cry so much I when to the hospital did a ECG the doctor said I was nervous, chest pain was due to so muscle pain the next day I thought that I was find when to family dinner, I had so much fun the Tuesday I had another straight to hospital, I know exactly how your feeling and what u going through.

  • Thank u for the reply, it really is just an ugly feeling and is awful. I hope u get better also.

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