I recently had someone question my spiritual path due to my ongoing issues with anxiety and depression. I would like for this to just roll off my back and not cause me yet more pain and suffering but I am finding it hard to let it go. I see this as a great opportunity to educate this person but right now I am trying to educate myself on my issues. I am very comfortable with my spirituality. What I am not comfortable was the real ignorance this person showed about depression and anxiety as we have come to know it in the 21st century. Very disturbing really.


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  • Some people don't want to be educated and to be honest if it's causing you angst then I would leave it alone. It can't end well so why upset yourself needlessly? The old saying 'You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink' comes to mind.

    As long as you are comfortable with yourself then that's fine.

  • I agree.

  • But the spiritual path often involves depression and anxiety, it's not all love and light. A well known part of the spiritual path is the dark night of the soul, which looks a lot like depression. There is lots on the internet about this, depression as spiritual awakening, dark night of the soul, mental illness being reframed as spiritual awakening etc etc. The spiritual crisis network is a great resource if you haven't found it yet. As to this person, it may be upsetting to you as maybe there is a small part of you that thinks the same? Sending love to you on your journey xxx

  • I find your reply quite insulting and your implication that I am ignorant. That is not the case and I am talking reality here. I doubt whether you have more wisdom than me despite your spirituality. I wish you joy in your spiritual life but you might be better off joining us in the real world too.

  • Hey whatever you believe or don't believe in spiritually is entirely up to you. As long as it's comforting to you. Anxiety and depression is a terrible thing to go through and people need some comfort and support. If that's what you look to, you go with it. People who have never suffered, maybe don't understand. It's very popular now not to be spiritual. Most kids don't believe in religion. I hope your beliefs help you along your journey and help you eventually to be anxiety and depression free. Good luck!

  • Hi , I know exactly how U feel. I too am a spiritual person and was healed. However, something happened and a whirlwind has stirred up inside. I know u probably question everything now as do I . People don't understand depression or anxiety if they hVe never had it. The biggest thing is to concentrate on getting better, not in people who cannot support you. Take one day and one second at a time and be kind to yourself .

  • One second at a time sounds good to me.


  • I totally agree. It is plain ignorance. I have grown more spiritual in my life because of what I have been through. This person has no idea of your special connection and what it means to you. They could never understand. In a way you can have pity for that person because they lack the growth and maturity that you have become to know. This connection is one that only you can value because only you can truly understand and that has alot of power!

  • I am hopeful that this person will be open to some education around mental illness. I can only try. I think he is open but we shall see.


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