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I'm new here



I have recently been diagnosed with General anxiety disorder and depression, and have been put on Lexipro. I have always known i had some form of anxiety and depression, i was never formally diagnosed until this past month. My life has been pretty hectic the last few month, between a new relationship, added responsibility at work, i have been a mess. My boyfriend has been very supportive and encouraging, as he himself deals with some mental health issues. He likes to refer to me as his novelist, he says that the scenarios I come up with when I worry, would make for a great novel. I am looking to be able to chat and share my feelings.

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Hi. I'm pretty new here, too.

That's great you have a supportive boyfriend - who sounds funny. It's so good to laugh - even though it's hard to do or remember to do sometimes!

I hope you can find some restful moments in the midst of your work and busy days.

Hugs to you.

Thank you! He is very supportive, it was at his suggestion that i speak to my doctor and look into counseling and perhaps medication. I am trying my hardest not to worry as much, but it can be tough.

Welcome, i am also new here have been struggling with anxiety for a while just recently diagnosed as well. And i understand the novelist comment i think it goes hand and hand with anxiety without an active imagination anxiety wouldn't be possible lol.

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it sure does! Welcome as well!

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Hello and welcome 😃 I am new to this as well but already received an outport of support and people who understand I myself suffer from anxiety and I can understand what life can bring at u

Hi and welcome, ronnellstc

Yes, hectic life does make anxiety and depression worse. I can relate to that. I don't have hectic life now though...but it was this way and i also was on lexapro and it helped.

This forum is big help also: great people who would always know to say the right word at the right time to help you out. And it is great that your boyfriend is also supportive, not all people who don't suffer from anxiety and depression, understand what is happening.

and they can not help...they get lost themselves, this is what i have in my family. good luck to you and i hope you will feel better soon, but take one day at a time, and with hectic life also meditation helps. I was using it, to slow your mind, to relax and to have some time for yourself.

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Thank you for the kind words.


Hello Ronnellstc and welcome to the community. You are not alone. I struggle with anxiety and depression as well.


I am a lot older than you are, a basketball fan myself. I was panic attack free for 18 years, and now it it is back. Each day you feel like climbing a big mountain, when actually it is a molehill. It will get better. Thats what I keep telling myself.

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I sure know how to make a mountain out of a mole hill.

please do share :) I am glad you and boyfriend support each other, trust the process.. added responsibility at work may seem as its adding on to your tasks, but your employer sees you as valuable and worthy :) at least I like to see it that way when I am added another responsibility.

Thank you :) . I would like to believe that it's because they are confident in my work, and not because we are SOO short staffed. I am very good at what I do, I work in the health care field.

that is awesome! speaks volumes of you, seeking the best care for others :)

You know your boyfriend is probably on to something. You should try writing down and journaling your fears. When you go back and read them, it will probably put them in a great perspective that may even make you smile.

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