i even panicked while driving

My driving teacher has always said that I am a panicky and has been telling me to stop panic and do everything coolly.

But the problem is, when he says that, I got panicked more, because I'm struggling inside to stop being panic.

Yet, it's so hard to stop being panic , and having to admit that I am a panicky hurts my pride so much because I've tried my best to stop being a panicky for so many years!

Please help me on how to stop these panicky feeling. I don't know what to do anymore and I think I'm starting to give up.

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  • I get anxious when I have to drive. Just sing/play your favorite song. This helps me.

  • i'd love to hear some music but i have to pay attention to what he's saying and the sound from other vehicles. but yes i've played some calming instrumental music to help. thank you :)

  • If you can try to block out your driving teacher and any feedback on his part. Obviously he doesn't understand anxiety. Listen to his direction's only useful information. Only focus on what you are doing... your hands on the steering wheel. Feel the steering wheel how does it feel? Your seat how does the chair feel against your back? These thoughts will pull you back in the present moment. Using your senses will ground you and help you focus. Have you heard of mindfulness? Look into this... I really think that it will help you. It is researched based to help. It actually changes the brain. Hope to hear an update....

  • thank you. yesterday was my next class after that day and i somehow to manage to don't care what he's saying. thank you for your reply it does help a lot .

    i just hope he can stop complaining , because i became confused who's the one more panicked, me or him? ;) thank you.

  • Lol yea he sounds burned out. Your the one learning and that takes patience on your part with yourself. He might say negative things that could get you off your game.. but you are the one in control not him. I am so happy I could help.. keep me updated.

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