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Driving With Anxiety😔


I avoid driving long distances because I'm afraid I will have anxiety and panic while driving, my father is stressing me about driving since I recently got hired for a job. I'm trying so hard to drive more but I have no control over when the anxiety hits. I don't know what to do just thinking of driving is causing me to panic. Anyone have tips or advice on this subject?

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I can't give you any tips but I can relate. I don't drive at all. I don't even have my drivers license. When I get behind the wheel anxiety always attacks. I wonder sometimes if I'll ever be able to drive.

My anxiety turns into a panic attack it isn't like first time driving anxiety it's i feel like I'm gonna die in this car anxiety


Hi again....think I left a reply on the other venue where you posted....Guess the big question is what was your plan to get to this job when you applied for it and thought you might get it? :)

Yes I take counseling and medication for my anxiety but since most of my attacks began in the car when I first began experiencing anxiety I'm scared that it will go back to that

I too experience anxiety while driving. I'm 24 and moved abroad so I wouldn't have to get a driver's license. Guess you could say I'm a coward eh? I worry about what will happen when I go back to the U.S. and have to drive. I have dyspraxia which affects my motor movements, fine motor skills, and ability to concentrate. I feel your pain.

Driving is one of my triggers as well! I'm not nervous or anxious about driving it's just all of a sudden I'll get hit with a horrible panic attack...I seem to get tunnel vision like I can't see ,it start sweating and feel as if I'm going to pass out. I can only drive very short distances. It's terrible.

Thank you so much for sharing I'm trying so hard to get to where I need to go

i have this exact problem too. Do you have any advice/ anything that helps even a little?

I can completely relate to you. I feel the same. My parents never taught me how to drive. I have my permit but I'm 19 and still don't have my license so please just do it when your ready and feeling confident enough on that day to do it. The first and only time my dad tried to teach me how to drive was horrible. The lesson lasted maybe 1 minute. He was yelling at me and whenever the car moved i was nervous and anxious. He was so busy yelling that he didn't tell me to turn the wheel and i almost ran into the grass....at the DMV. Second time i got behind the wheel was with my best friend. She is 19 too and she taught me the basics. She didn't yell and was so patient. My anxiety was still there but it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be after i was done. I wasn't even on my meds at the time.....it takes somebody who understands you and your anxiety to teach you how to drive. You and the teacher needs patience. You will eventually learn. Never give up and keep trying. Never push yourself if you know your not ready or your anxiety is becoming too overwhelming. There is no rush. I believe in you. Stay strong and sending love and support your way💜

I feel the same way. If I sit in the passenger seat with any driver and any car I have severe anxiety. I havent driven in 4 months because it is too debilitating and I have to take a lorazepam after driving. I am trying to control my med intake and if i can avoid a lorazepam at I I will try to do the easiest route. I can definitely relate. It is a debilitating thing and it feels like you are going to implode and die.

My hometown is 4 hrs away from my current city and I've actually driven feeling anxious. It was my first week of college and I was getting kicked out by my godfather so my parents told me I could go back home and maybe I'd just have to drop out. So the whole ride I was FREAKING out. But I made constant stops so I could breathe a bit. At least 2 times in the hr. And in between I'd give myself little tasks such as until I ready the next sign for a new city/town, I was sing some of my favourite songs. Or I'd focus on "what was prettiest thing I saw at the last stop". It keeps your mind off of negative things and it actually makes the ride seem less long.

I suffer the same thing,it's terrible!!! I want so much to drive and see my daughter at college,but I can't,that just breaks my heart because I have to lie to her and tell her something came up. I hate this so much,I don't know what to do,I'm on Xanax,but I have taken it for so long that I have built up a tolerance!!! I can't even drive to work some days,and driving home is a nightmare,think I'm going to die,it's awful!!!!

I can relate. When I drive sometimes I am fine and other times I have crazy symptoms like I feel l am in a dream world where my vision is bad, my eyes flutter, my heart beats super fast, dizziness comes and feel sensation like my body is falling through the ground. This is especially when stopped at a light or waiting in line to drop off my kiddos.

I know these panic attacks and fears don’t have to rule and don’t have to last forever. But sometimes I get really upset about it and I wish I knew of an answer for all of us. I think listening to ourselves and know our limits but also believe in ourselves that we are capable.

I am 24 and currently have been experiencing panic attacks more frequently, most of them I get when I am driving alone. My heart feels like it is going to come out of my chest and I get this urge like I just want to run out of my car. I have been avoiding driving altogether lately in fear of getting another panic attack. Talking to someone on the phone while I am driving has been helping me, sort of, because they distract me and help me keep my mind off of things. Music used to distract me pretty well, but now it just makes me more anxious. I am currently seeking professional help as well. You are not alone!

I do have a suggestion levymaria that I use and it never gets old. Deep Breathing.... Something so simple, it's free and it's with you at all times. At work, in a store, at church etc... If practice at home daily (where I use it as well) it will be an automatic response at the first sign of feeling anxious. When waiting at a stop light, stuck at a train stop and even driving. Your concentration is not interfered with. Upon deep breathing, your shoulders will come away from your ears allowing you to feel that peace and calm come over you. Your senses are more acute because of the oxygen being able to freely flow throughout your body. Deep breathing brings down if not eliminates the adrenaline surges.

YouTube has some great videos that can guide you through deep breathing. Some only 5-10 minutes long. I use this daily besides meditation. Hoping you give it a try. Good Luck. x

If you live in the U.S, always stay on the right lane so if you feel like you're about to get a panic attack you can always shift to the emergency shoulder lane. Or any nearest parking lot or anywhere to temporarily stop your car. This helps the mentality of your fear of getting a panic attack while driving

John88 in reply to Heruga

I have most of my panic attacks when im on a bridge. Because my mind knows I can not pull over the car so I start freaking out as soon as I am on it. It gets soo bad I feel like stopping the car in the middle of the bridge and freaking out. People behind me always drive up my butt because Im going so slow and then I start freaking out more. Currently I have to drive over the bridge with my hazard lights on as if something was wrong with my car and people will drive around me. It is embarrassing and I am tired of it.

I have the same problem last year stop for a month are so because my driving anxiety had gotten worse, butni bbn push thought i have my issues sometimes its hard just to drive down the street. Iam on medication and i got to therapy sometimes, I read that exercise helps soni been walking and do that .... praying that things gets better for u

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