Anxiety while driving

Hello, I am new to this and I was actually looking up research for homework when I came across this website and decided to sign up. About four years ago I had got into a pretty bad accident with my children and ever since I tend to be overly afraid of it happening again. Out of nowhere, I started getting (well, I'm assuming) anxiety attacks. It comes out of nowhere and is very sudden where my vision seems to get very clear and I feel like I am going to pass out. This happens only while I'm driving. I've had to pull over and have my mom come meet me so she can drive for me. I have gotten tingling in my face and stiffening in my hands. These symptoms don't happen often but the feeling that I am going to pass out has happened often. I am just so afraid that one day I am going to pass out while driving. Has anyone experienced anything like this?

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  • Hi it sounds like you are suffering from PTSD. Have you considered counselling? This might help. There is also PTSD site on here so they may be able to help too.

  • No, I have not yet to seek any therapy. I went to my doctor and he prescribed me Prozac which I refuse to take medication. Thank you for your reply I will look into it because I know I really need it. I get frustrated at times because of these attacks.

  • This site also offers helpful apps that you can take with you on your phone. i'm new too. i just downloaded an app called pacifica and it has a whole bunch of stuff. i'm not sure if you have PTSD, but you definitely have a lot of fear which is natural and understandable. I've never been in a really bad accident. but after being in an accident, i pause before getting in the car and breathe and tell myself that it's going to be okay. (not sure if you're religious, but i also just tell myself God can't be that mad at me. it makes me feel better)

  • Yes, I am religious and I ask God every day to please take this away from me. I'm going to do my research on this website to see what can be useful because I just refuse to turn to medication.

  • Psalm 91, some medication helps, but have to know all details and trust your doctor. You are correct that it can be dangerous.

  • Hello and thank you so much for writing. Please believe me, I know what is happening to you. It happened to me.

    Before you go to the PTSD venue, stay with us for awhile in the anxiety venue, ok? If you are having anxiety attacks, let's not get into looking at PTSD where some people seem to have anxiety attacks all over the place.

    Your anxiety attacks are very focused. Please stay with us on this venue for a while so you can share, but also get a bit of a general feeling about all the ways anxiety can affect people.

    It does sound like you're having anxiety attacks, which may be related to somehow to some form of PTSD..... Doesn't matter what we call it. Sounds like maybe therapy in how to handle the anxiety attacks is in order. Please don't drive now as you don't know when you'll have an anxiety attack. I know that's hard....but you don't what to have an accident.

    And you are not crazy, and you can learn to deal with the anxiety.

    I know, I was involved in a very bad accident years ago that caused a lot of changes in my life, but I'm lucky to be alive....I do not drive even if I just suspect my anxiety is creeping in, and I don't want to harm anyone.

    I have had therapy to deal with my fear and anxiety to even get into a car, much less drive one. Now I drive all over the place, but I can tell if there is just a little something telling me ahead of time not to do so for awhile.

    Glad to hear you called your mother when you needed to. Very wise and intelligent decision. You're a good woman, not a stubborn one.

    If you are in the US, please call your family doctor and let him/her suggest a therapist/psychiatrist to help you desensitize ....and to figure out why your anxiety attacks are happening when they do. Then what to do when they come. If you have been experiencing these attacks/fear since shortly after your accident, you may still have some auto insurance benefits available to pay for that.

    Believe me, I know what you are going through, but I do not have children to transport. Please work with your Mom as your driver if you can, at least until you've seen a professional to help you with this.

    I'm not going anywhere. I'm here. Ok?

  • You rock, perfect answer.

  • Oh, and one more thing....please stay off google. Don't try to diagnose and be your own doctor. There is so much written that just won't pertain to you, but may make you think it does. I have a masters degree and clinical experience in a mental health field, and I have to keep myself from doing research. I need to keep my mind on a clear path, and not be

    bombarded by all the straws that are out there begging to be grabbed. :)

  • Yes, although I have never passed out in my life until this year. I agree w others, it sounds like PTSD. My nephew died in a car accident, if my kids want to uber their way through life I am ok w that, not ok w cutting or other now common behaviors of struggling young folks. YOU matter. I don't give a flying chicken who approves. You do what you think is right.

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